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Dil tujhko chahe… The heart wants you… Part 2

Sameer went to the mall with Suhani.Ranveer was sitting there.

Suhani identified him seeing his back itself.

Suhani:Here is my Ranveer.

Sameer smiled.


Ranveer turned back and looked at him.

Ranveer and Sameer were shocked to see each other.


Sameer walked away.

Suhani was shocked.


Sameer did not mind her.

Suhani:What happened to Sameer?

Ranveer:I think he left seeing me.

Suhani:But why?

Ranveer:Maybe he does’nt want to see me.

Suhani:Sameer was so excited to see you.But now…

Ranveer:Sameer was excited to see me as your lover.But now he knows that your lover is his friend Ranveer.

Suhani was confused:His friend Ranveer?Were you both friends?


Suhani was shocked.

Suhani went to Sameer’s house.Sameer was silent.

Suhani:Sameer,why did you leave the mall seeing Ranveer?He told me that you both were friends.Then what happened between both of you?

Sameer:Nothing happened between us.But he is a part of the past I want to forget.That’s it.

Suhani was shocked.

Suhani:Though we are close friends now.you never shared your past with me.But today I want to know it.Because my Ranveer is a part of your past.

Sameer:I will tell.

Suhani:Then tell.

Sameer:Talk softly Suhani.Suman is sleeping.

Suhani:Sorry.Knowing about your connection with Ranveer,I am restless.

Sameer:I will tell everything.Ranveer and I were close friends.That time my love story began.

I shifted to a new house as I was a chef in the near by hotel.Unknowingly I noticed a girl in my neighbour.She was Naina Agarwal.



Flash back…

Naina was dancing.Sameer was mesmerized by her beautiful dance movements.

Suddenly Naina noticed Sameer watching her dance.

Sameer:Hi…I am your neighbour Sameer Maheshwari.I am a chef.Your dance is very beautiful.You are a very graceful dancer.

Naina smiled:Thank you.

Sameer:May I know your name?

Naina:My name is Naina Aggarwal.

Sameer:Beautiful name.

She smiled.

After some days….

Sameer’s eyes searched for Naina.

Sameer noticed Naina sitting with a gloomy face.

Sameer thought:What happened to Naina?

Suddenly Naina saw Sameer.

Sameer:Are you alright?You look worried.

Naina:I am a student in the dance academy.I have a dance competition.

Sameer:Wow!All the best for your dance contest.

Naina:If I don’t win,my college’s reputation will be harmed.I am tensed whether I will disappoint everyone.

Sameer:Your rehearse with your heart.You will be able to give a mindblowing performance.You believe in yourself.You will have no tension.Dance like nobody is watching you.

She smiled.

Sameer:I know that you can do it.

Naina smiled:After talking to you,I really feel relieved.

He smiled.

Naina rehearsed her dance day and night.

After some days…

While Sameer was walking to his home,he heard Naina calling him:Sameer!

Sameer turned back.He saw Naina coming downstairs.

She walked towards him.

Naina:Sameer…my dance competition went well.I won first prize.My college is proud of me.

Sameer became very happy.

Sameer:Congratulations Naina.

Naina:Thank you for supporting.Your words gave me a lot of mental support which helped me to dance well for the competition.Even if thank you hundred times,it won’t be enough.

Sameer:I don’t need your ‘thanks’.But I need your friendship.Will you be my friend?

He extended his hand towards her.


Naina smiled and held his hand.They smiled.

Their friendship turned into love.

Sameer proposed her by giving her a beautiful flower.

Sameer:I love you Naina.Will you marry me?

Naina:I will marry you if you promise me that you will cook my favourite food for me.

Sameer:I am your chef.I promise that I will cook whatever food you want.

Naina smiled taking the flower from him.

Naina:I love you Sameer.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Sameer-Naina’s beautiful love bloomed.Ranveer was their biggest support.

Lafzon Mein Kya Kehna

Aankhon Se Tu Padh Lena

Dil Tujhko Chahe Bepanah

Hothon Se Yeh Kya Kehna

Saanson Mein Tu Sunn Lena

Dil Tujhko Chahe Bepanah

Teri Galiyon Mein Aake

Teri Khidki Pe Taake

Khidki Pe Aaja Jaane Jaan

Tu Ghar Ki Chhat Pe Aake

Kagaz Pe Likh Ke Bata De

Kal Humko Milna Hai Kahan

Lafzon Mein Kya Kehna

Aankhon Se Tu Padh Lena

Dil Tujhko Chahe Bepanah

Sham Jo Hui Main Tera

Intezaar Karta Hoon

Bewajah Teri Gali Se

Roz Hi Guzarta Hoon

Bhool Se Kehin Mujhe

Tu Mil Jaaye Yaar Haan

Ik Yahi Dua Toh Karke

Ghar Se Main Nikalta Hoon

Teri Galiyon Mein Aake

Teri Khidki Pe Taake

Khidki Pe Aaja Jaane Jaan

Tu Ghar Ki Chhat Pe Aake

Kagaz Pe Likh Ke Bata De

Kal Humko Milna Hai Kahan

Dere Na Dere Na Re Na

Dere Na Dere Na Re Na

Dera Re Rare Dare Ra

Ni Ni Sa Sa Sa

Ni Ni Sa Sa Sa

Re Sa Re Sa Re

Sa Sa Ga Re Sa

Ni Ni Sa Sa Sa

Ni Ni Sa Sa Sa

Pa Ga Ma Re Ga Re Ga(Dil Tujhko Chahe)


Sameer-Naina got married.

Nuptial night….

Naina was very shy.Sameer held her hand.She looked at him smiling.

He pulled her closer.They shared a romantic eye lock.

They romanced submitting themselves to each other.



After a year,Naina gave birth to a baby girl.They named her Suman.

Naina stopped dancing and became a busy house wife looking after Sameer and Suman.


Once Ranveer visited their house with a request.

Ranveer:My sister Paakhi is facing a trouble.

Sameer:Naina,you know the dancer Paakhi Shekhawat?

Naina:Yes.I am a big fan of hers.She is my role model.

Ranveer was surprised:That’s nice.

Sameer:You did’nt tell me your sister’s problem.

Ranveer:She was going to do a stage show with the dancer Koyel.But in the last moment she backed out due to illness.So she needs a substitute who can dance with her for the show.There are only 3 days for the show.Within 3 days her co-dancer has to learn the dance steps and perform.For that she needs an efficient dancer.I can only remember Naina as an efficient dancer who can match upto Paakhi.Will you do the show with Paakhi?

Naina and Sameer were stunned.

Naina:What?Me?Paakhi Ma’am is in another level.I can never match upto her level.

Sameer:You are underestimating yourself Naina.You dance very well.

Ranveer:Exactly.That’s why I requested you.Please say ‘yes’.

Naina was hesitant:But…

Sameer:No need of thinking too much.You took a break from your passion dance for your family.This show is going to be a grand come back for you.

Naina:But Suman…

Sameer:I will look after Suman.You should do the show.

Naina:Ok.I will try.

Sameer and Ranveer smiled.

Ranveer:Thank you so much Naina.


Sameer-Naina smiled.


Naina went to meet Paakhi.

Ranveer:Paakhi,this is Naina about whom I told you.

Paakhi:Nice to meet you Naina.

Naina:It’s my luck that I could meet a legend like you.You are my role model Ma’am.

Paakhi smiled.

Paakhi:Ranveer praises your dance.May I see a few dance steps of yours?

Naina:Sure Ma’am.

Naina started dancing.

O re piya haye (x3)

Udne laga kyon man baawla re

Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re

O re piya haye (x2)

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa

Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai

Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai

O re Piya

O re Piya haye (x2)

O re Piya

ni re ,re re ga

ga ga ma

ma ma pa

pa ma ga re sa

sa re re sa

ga ga re

ma ma ga

pa pa ma

dha dha pa

ni ni sa sa pa

pa sa ma pa dha ni sa ni

re ni sa sa sa.. . . . ..

Nazrein bolen duniya bole

dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan

Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai

Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haaye (x2)

O re piya


yehhh piya

Nange pairo pe angaro

chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi

Lagta hai ke gairo mein

Palti rahi haaye

le chal wahan jo

Mulk tera hai

Jahil zamana

dushman mera hai


O re piya haye (x5)(Aaja nachle).

Paakhi was blown away by her graceful dance.

Paakhi:Excellent!You were the one I was looking for.You are the one who is going to dance with me.

Naina smiled emotionally.

Naina:I might have done some good deed to dance with you.

Paakhi smiled.

Paakhi:We should start our practice from now onwards without wasting any second.

Naina:Sure Ma’am.

Naina and Paakhi started their rehearsal.Like Paakhi expected,Naina learnt the dance steps fast.



Paakhi and Naina danced together on the stage.


Ghanashyama Full HD Video Song | Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal | Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Bhanupriya – YouTube

plz watch this dance.


 Ghana shyama vrindhaaranyam raasakeli yaamam

                            nikunjangal kuyil paattil thakarnnaadum neram


                             ennodere ishtamennaai krishnavenu paadi

                            ishtamennod ere ennaai manthravenu voothi


                                              (ghana shyama … … neram)


                  mandhaasa pushpam choodum shaantha chumbanamekum

                 sundaraanga raagam thedum hridhayageetham moolum

                     mandha mandha menne pulkum bhavagaanam poley

                  shaaradhendhu pookkum raavil somatheeram pookum

                       aaduvaan marannu poya pon mayooramaakum

                            paaduvaan marannu poya indra veenayaakum


                                            (ghana shyama … … neram)


                                 ga re sa sa ni ni dha pa mapanisa (2)

                                thakida thakida thakida thakadhimi (6)



                           ente moha kanjukangal azhinjoornnu veezhum

                   krishna nin vanamaalayaai njan chernnu chernnurangum

                            ente raavin mayalokam sneha lola maakum

                        ente maana manjeerangal vikaaraardhra maakum

                      enne maathram enne maathram aaru vannunarthee

                enne maathram enne maathram etho kai thalodee


                                 (ghana shyama … … venuvoothi)

                                    (ghana shyama … … neram)…..( Kochu kochu santhoshangal).


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