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Dil tujhko chahe… The heart wants you… Part 4

Naina went abroad for a month for the dance show.

After a month when she returned home,Sameer was very happy.Naina was so happy that she hugged both Sameer and Suman.

Sameer:You came back after a long time.So let us go out for dinner.

Naina:Sorry Sameer.I am not free.My fans and the famous dancers are giving me a treat at Taj as I am the only dancer from India to get selected for the show in the Gulf countries.

Sameer was stunned.

Sameer:Now you have no time for us.You care only about dance.Because dance gives you money.Right?

Naina was shocked.

Naina:What are you saying Sameer?I dance because it’s my passion.When I dance infront of everyone…when I get appreciated for my dance by everyone..that happiness can’t be explained.If I was dancing for money, I would have married the rich businessman chosen by my father instead of you.But I chose you because you gave me more happiness.

Sameer felt bad.

Sameer:I am sorry.But I feel that you value dance more than us.When you went abroad,Suman was crying for you.I was struggling to look after her alone.

Naina:So are you indirectly telling me to leave dance and look after our family and sit at home?

Sameer:I didn’t mean that.But…

Naina:You mean it Sameer.I have seen how Paakhi Ma’am husband supports her career.But compared to him,you seem to be an insecure husband.I think you feel insecure with my popularity.

Sameer was hurt by her words.

Sameer:I am not an insecure husband.I am happy for your success.But I really feel bad that your career is more important than your family.

Naina:When I decided to marry you,many people advised me not to marry you as for artists marriage and family can be an obstacle in their career.Without bothering that I married you and gave birth to Suman.Some people told me that I will regret marrying you as this marriage can be a hurdle in my career.I didn’t listen to them.Still you are saying that for me,career is more important.Now I am scared whether due to insecurity,you will try to stop me from dancing.

Sameer’s heart was pierced.

Sameer:So now you regret marrying me and starting a family?

Naina:You are misunderstanding me Sameer.I don’t regret anything.But I am scared whether you will stand against my career.

Naina ran away crying.Sameer felt very upset.




Sameer:I felt that Naina has a great future in the field of dance and I should not be an obstacle in her career.So when she went for the party organised by other dancers and her fans,I left from there with Suman.Finally I reached here.I hope Naina has reached heights now.I always wish to see Naina coming to Goa for a dance programme.I will watch and enjoy her dance secretly.

Suhani became emotional.

Suddenly Ranveer came inside.

Sameer felt difficult to face Ranveer.

Ranveer:You ran away seeing me,because you were worried whether I will inform Naina about your whereabouts?

Sameer was silent.

Ranveer:You are a fool to think that if you leave with Suman,Naina can focus on her dance career.After you left,she never danced.

Sameer was shocked.


Ranveer:She loved dance like anything.But it was not more important than you and Suman for her.How can a lady dance peacefully after she loses her husband and daughter?You say that you left her with Suman for her success.Actually you broke her career by leaving her with Suman.

Sameer was shattered.

Sameer:Oh my God!What did I do?I did such a big mistake…I want my Naina back.

Ranveer:Don’t worry.The moment I saw you,I informed Naina about you.She will be coming here soon.

Sameer and Suhani smiled.

Sameer:Thank you Ranveer.

Ranveer:But don’t repeat your mistake.You should not lose Naina again.

Sameer:No,I will not go away from her.



Sameer and Naina thought of their past sweet moment emotionally in the respective places.

After some time,Anshuman and Pakhi came to Sameer’s house with Naina.

Sameer and Naina looked at each other emotionally.


Sameer extended his hands towards her:Naina!

Naina ran into his arms.

They cried in each other’s arms.

Naina:Why did you leave me Sameer?

Sameer:I thought without us,you will be happier.

She started beating his shoulder.

Naina:How could you think like that you stupid?Nothing is more important than you and Suman for me.

Sameer:I am sorry Naina.Please forgive me Naina.

Naina:I forgave you Sameer.That’s why I came in search of you.

Sameer and Naina smiled emotionally.

Naina:Sameer…I am dying to see Suman.

Suddenly Suman came out of her bedroom.

Suman:Why so much of noise?

Naina smiled emotionally seeing Suman.She hugged and kissed Suman.Suman was stunned.

Suman:Why is she kissing me?

Sameer:This is your mother.She came back to us…only for us.

Suman was surprised:Maa!

Naina nodded with a smile.


Suman hugged Naina happily.All were happy.

Suman looked at Suhani and said:Now I also have a mother.

Suhani:Yes Suman.She is your beautiful mother.

They all smiled.

Anshuman:Sameer…just like us,women too need a career.We husbands should support our wives.

Sameer:You are right.I realised it now and I will support Naina always.

Paakhi:Naina had left dance.Now it’s your duty to make her dance again.

Sameer:I will make her dance again.

They smiled.

Suhani:We are happy to see a beautiful couple back to each other.

Sameer and Naina smiled.

Sameer:Naina..Suhani is the one who stood for me and Suman in your absence.

Suddenly Naina saw the framed photograph of Sameer and Suhani with the caption Friends forever.

Naina smiled.

Naina:Thank you Suhani for looking after Sameer and Suman.

Suhani smiled.

Naina looked at Ranveer:Ranveer…you are lucky to have Suhani as your life partner.

Sameer:Suhani,you are lucky to get a man like Ranveer in your life.Because unlike me,he let you stay far away from him for your career.

Ranveer and Suhani shared an eye lock.

Anshuman took toffee from his pocket and gave it to Paakhi.

Anshuman:Sameer and Naina united. In this happiness why don’t we have a sweet together?

Paakhi smiled.

Paakhi:You don’t leave any chance to romance me.Right?

Anshuman:As if you don’t romance me..

They both giggled.

They fed the sweet to each other.



Sameer tied anklets around Naina’s feet.

Naina became emotional as after many years she wore anklets.

Sameer:Because of me,you removed them from your feet.Now because of me,you should dance again wearing them.Otherwise I won’t get peace of mind.

Sameer-Naina shared an emotional eye lock.

Ranveer gave bouquet of flowers to Suhani and said:Will you marry me Suhani?I promise you that I will not let you affect your career anyway by this marriage.

Suhani smiled:I know that.I trust you.I will marry you Ranveer.

They embraced each other.



Ranveer Suhani got married.

Naina is dancing on the stage.

Sameer and Suman are watching her dance with pride.

After the dance,Naina was surrounded by the audience with love.

Sameer smiled seeing it.

Sameer:Now only I am guilt free.I am very happy to see Naina achieving heights of success again.I will support my Naina in every single step.

The End

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