Discussions of friendship between PM Modi and Abbas are still happening in the streets of Vadnagar.

PM Modi Childhood Friend Abbas: PM Narendra  Modi (PM Narendra Modi) may have mentioned his childhood friend Abbas in his blog a day ago, but his and Abbas Everyone knows the story of the relationship between Vadnagar and Casimpa. Not only this, from time to time  But Abbas has also been mentioning this thing among the children of his village. PM Modi lived with his family in Vadnagar, while Abbas lived in Cassimpa, just 5 km from Vadnagar. The relationship between the two people is discussed in both the places. 

Met Abbas’s maternal uncle’s son Ghulam Haider

Returning from Cassimpa village  time we met Gula Haider, the son of Abbas’s maternal uncle and we talked to Haider Bhai, the Gram Panchayat member of his village. Ghulam Haider told that there is no doubt that Abbas’s father and Narendra Modi’s father were good  friends. Both the people had a side by side  shop in Vadnagar. Abbas’s father was making tea   While  Narendra  Modi’s father used to sell Bhajiya. But suddenly Abbas’s father died   Narendra Modi and Abbas both studied in the same school BN High School   It was a bit  difficult to go from Casimpa to Vadnagar to study   Seeing this  Damodar Kaka (Modi’s father) kept Abbas in his house   His mother treated Hiraba Abbas like her own children.

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