Disha Shool: Disha Shool happens in this direction on Monday, avoid traveling, untoward things can happen

Disha Shool Monday Direction and Upay: Some rules and importance are attached to the journey in Hinduism. You must have seen that while leaving the house for some auspicious work, elders tell many types of rules. Like sneezing, coughing etc. On the other hand, when you go out of the house for some special work, there is a tradition of eating curd and sugar. So there some people travel after worshiping or doing charity and dakshina etc. The person may have to travel for some purpose or the other. But it is very important that the journey is pleasant and successful. In order to avoid any untoward incident during the journey, astrology and Vastu Shastra have been told about direction.

What is misdirection

The auspicious and inauspicious effects of all the four directions have been explained in Dishashul. The direction of the compass will also be different on different days. Traveling in the direction of misdirection is considered inauspicious. This is the reason that many times traveling in the wrong direction leads to untoward incidents during the journey or the work for which you travel is not successful. But in astrology, along with misdirection, its remedies have also been told.

In which direction does delirium happen on Monday

According to astrology, on Mondays, there seems to be misdirection in the east direction. Apart from this, on Saturday also there is disorientation in this direction. Traveling in the east direction on Mondays and Saturdays can cause problems and difficulties. Therefore, traveling in this direction should be avoided on this day. On the other hand, it is considered best to travel in the south direction on Monday.

Remedies to remove misdirection

According to astrology, traveling in the east direction on Monday is considered inauspicious considering the direction of the direction. But if it is necessary to travel in this direction on Monday, then measures have also been given for this. By doing these measures, the defect of misdirection is removed and there is no hindrance in the journey.

  • For traveling in the east direction on Monday, one should leave the house after looking at the mirror.
  • If traveling in the east direction is necessary on Monday, drink milk and leave the house.
  • Before leaving for the journey, take blessings by folding hands in front of Lord Shiva and wish for a successful journey.

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