Distressed by blackmailing, youth commits suicide, now police will go to Assam for investigation

MP News: Due to a little mistake on social media, anyone’s respect can become sapphire in the whole market. Not only this, a young man had to die due to blackmailing. Now the police is looking for those people who blackmail people by recording objectionable videos. A police team will also go to Assam for investigation in this regard. Shajapur SP Jagdish Dabur told that the dead body of Rajpal’s father Trilok Singh, who lives in Tajpur Okla of Shujalpur  Found on Kamlapur bypass.

In this case Shujalpur police established a probe and investigated, then it came to know that some people were blackmailing Rajpal for the last several days. Due to this, he had also transferred some amount online to the blackmailing people. After this, he got upset due to repeated blackmailing and committed suicide. Based on the complaint of family members and details received from mobile, an FIR was registered against the operators of three mobile numbers for blackmailing. A police team will go to Assam to search for the accused in this case. 

Blackmail is being done like this

Shajapur SP Jagdish Dabur told that first of all don’t click on unknown link on mobile. The unknown link is clicked by the people, after which the link gets connected to the video call. Through this, some fraudsters are blackmailing by making objectionable videos. Do not even accept the request of an unknown person on any social site. It is said that during the video call, there is a beautiful girl in front, she repeatedly requests to take off her clothes. After this, the objectionable video is recorded through the screen recorder. After this the phase of blackmailing begins. In case of non-payment, the objectionable video is uploaded on the social site.  

Officers have also been blackmailed

Rajpal’s death shook the people. Blackmailers harass in such a way that it becomes difficult for the victim to live. In Madhya Pradesh, not only common people but also many officers have become victims of blackmail. In many such cases, the complaint does not reach the police. Rajpal’s relatives have complained and demanded to bust this gang, so that there is no blackmail in future. It is said that the account on which the governor had transferred the money belonged to Assam. Apart from this, the three mobile numbers from which the calls were coming are also being told from Assam.

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