Divya Bharti had changed religion and married the producer, after 11 months there was a mysterious death!

Divya Bharti Life: Divya Bharti was such an actress of the 90s who was rapidly moving towards success, but then her mysterious death shook everyone. Born on 25 January 1974, Divya Bharti started getting offers for films in class 9 itself. At the age of 14, Nandu Tolani cast her in Gunaoon Ka Devta, but she was later replaced by Sangeeta Bijlani. 

Just before she died, Divya had 15 films, some of which were released in 1993, some were shelved and some were re-shot with other heroines. These included films like Ladla, Mohra, Dilwale, Vijaypath, Andolan. 

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