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The Episode starts with Krishna thinking he is happy to know that his mother had come in this house and might have climbed this stairs. He thinks you will feel the peace as your son is not with strangers. He says he is happy for the first time, and wants to feel her and hug her. He gets happy and dances holding the flower basket. Ashok sees him happy and asks why is he so happy. Krishna recalls Kamini asking him not to tell. He says nothing. Ashok goes. Krishna thinks he can’t break promise given to Kamini. Aastha and Nupur tell Ashok that they are going to get ready. Ashok thinks Mala used to likes perfume and thinks even Krishna might like. He thinks to ask Krishna to come to his room after dressing up for the party. He hears Krishna telling that they will be happy after Kamini’s surprise. Ashok asks him what is Kamini’s surprise? Krishna says he can’t tell him, as he don’t want to become like his father. Ashok calls Kamini and asks what is the surprise? Kamini says she can’t tell the surprise. Ashok warns her and ends the call. Kamini plans to ruin it.

Krishna thinks everything will change after this for him. He hears Mahua talking to her mother and telling that Arvind is wasting money unnecessarily. She says even Ashok doesn’t have money. She says she is angry as her husband’s money is spent on drama. She ends the call and sees Krishna standing. She scolds him for overhearing her. Krishna says this party is not drama and tells Mahua that he is waiting for Ravi. She asks who? Ravi comes and gives him some cloth. Krishna says I never heard anything wrong from Yashoda Madam and Sir ji and asks her not to think bad about them. Mahua asks him to leave and asks him not to lecture her. Krishna says Maa used to say that we shall express our true expressions, and if you are sad within and showing to be happy, then it is wrong. Mahua threatens him and says she is not afraid, he can tell anyone. Krishna says he will not tell anyone. Mahua thinks he is Yashoda’s soldier and supporter, and she will oust him out.

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