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The Episode starts with Aastha coming back home and taking her dress to wear. Ashok asks Babuji if he sent Krishna outside. He says no. Aastha asks Yashoda if white socks will match with her frock. Yashoda says Krishna is missing. Babu ji says he will come, he is not a small kid. Krishna shouts for help standing behind the window, but there is nobody there. He says badi baby, why you hate me so much, how to make you understand that I didn’t come to take anyone’s place, Madam ji and Sir ji will always be your parents, and I am just my mother’s son and regards myself as an orphan now. He says how to make you understand. Yashoda tells Ashok that it has been an hour, we shall go and search him. Babuji says how can you both go, there is a party at home. Yashoda says how can we do party, as he was like our family member. Amma says what we will tell guests whom we have invited and gets angry on Krishna. Ashok says there will be no party until Krishna comes. Nupur says I will come with you. Amma says Krishna shall not be found. Mahua provokes her against Krishna. Aastha goes to terrace and takes the keys. Mahua comes behind her and asks if you have locked Krishna. Aastha asks her not to tell anyone. Mahua says I am with you and asks her to give keys so that she can throw it. Aastha gives her keys. Mahua asks Aastha to go and pretend to search Krishna with them, else they will be doubtful.

Kamini and Bansal are also searching Krishna. Kamini asks Ashok if Krishna is found. Ashok asks if it is your work. Bansal says she is searching Krishna and you are blaming her. Yashoda asks Ashok to come. Kamini asks Bansal to search him and inform her.

Krishna thinks he has to leave from here somehow. He finds the book and pen and writes on the paper that he is locked in the house, which is near the pond. They are searching him still. Krishna thinks the paper shall reach them anyhow. He writes on many papers and throw it from the window. Arvind says if we shall go to the PS. Ashok says we can’t take risk, as court will say that we couldn’t take care of him. Krishna thinks he has to write on more papers and tries to get the box from above the almira. He falls down and coughs due to the dust. He shouts Madam ji…

Yashoda stops and tells Ashok that they shall check in that way. Aastha says it is secluded place there. Yashoda says they might find him there. Aastha gets worried. Krishna coughs and faints. Aastha prays that Krishna shall not be found. One of the paper comes out of the school. Yashoda and Ashok come near the school searching Krishna. Aastha finds the paper which came out flying and picks it. She asks Yashoda to ask there. She reads the message and says Krishna will be here till the party ends. She says you will not come back until then. Nupur comes there and asks Aastha to come. Bansal calls Kamini and tells that Krishna is not in the orphanage also. Kamini says she will call Ashok. She asks if you have sent him somewhere. Ashok asks her to end the call and not to talk nonsense. Yashoda comes back and asks what happened? Ashok says you know her. Babu ji calls Yashoda and asks her to come in 30 mins. He says she shall keep up the family’s respect and tells that even if 1 min increases then I will think Krishna is more important than family and us. He asks her to choose and ends the call. Yashoda tells Ashok that they have been given 30 mins time. Ashok says I will not return even if it is 30 days, I will not go without him. She tells if we don’t return then when we go home late, we will be scolded much and a drama will follow. And then they will taunt me for 30 days. She says that always decisions are forced on us, and says Babu ji called me and not you, thinking he will bind me with family’s respect and prestige. She says where is Krishna, where is God? She asks if we haven’t done anything wrong, why God is taking us test again and again. Ashok says we will find him, calm down. He says hardship comes in every good work. Nupur says God will help you. She prays to God and asks him to help them find Krishna Bhaiyya. The papers flies in air and coming out. Yashoda says I will search Krishna and will complete the responsibility which I have taken. Ashok says we will search him. Just then she finds the paper coming there and picks it.

Precap: Yashoda finds Krishna in the school. Ashok breaks the lock and gets inside. They get worried for him, and bring him home. Yashoda asks Krishna how he reached there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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