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The Episode starts with Yashoda reading Krishna’s letter. They run inside the school. Ashok calls Krishna. Yashoda finds him unconscious from the window. Ashok tries to open the door. Arvind comes there. Aastha says Krishna is inside, she fears that he will tell everyone about her. Ashok breaks the lock and gets inside. They run inside. Ashok tries to make him come in his senses. He asks Yashoda to call Doctor. Ashok lifts Krishna in his arms and takes him home. Yashoda asks him to Krishna to his room. Amma asks what happened to him. Yashoda says he was locked in the school. Kamini calls someone and enquires about Krishna. Bansal tells Kamini that Krishna is found unconscious and locked in school. He says Ashok didn’t make him elope. Kamini doubts Aastha and says she hates Krishna like hating me. She says they can use Aastha as the weapon in her fight. Bansal says you are right and asks her to apply make up and come to party to surprise.

Doctor checks Krishna and gives him injection. He says he will gain consciousness in sometime. Ashok says we shall let him rest, and when we gain consciousness, we will ask him how he reached there. He tells Yashoda that they shall get ready for anniversary. Aastha tells Mahua that she didn’t make him unconscious, she had only locked him. Mahua asks her to apologize to Krishna and then asks him not to tell anyone, if he regards her as his sister. She says tell him that you don’t want him to come to the party. She asks her to play emotional card and act for forgiveness. Krishna gains consciousness and recalls Aastha locking him in the school. Aastha asks him not to tell anyone and tells that she don’t want him to attend the party. She says forgive me. Krishna says today I will tell and says that day you did wrong with me, I didn’t tell about the shoes matter. He says today everyone was worried for me, I shall tell them so that learn from your wrong doings. He goes out. Nupur hugs him and calls Yashoda and Ashok. Yashoda asks Krishna, how did he reach there and how he fainted?

Krishna says I….Inspector comes there with constables and says court had given Krishna’s custody to you, he is bearing punishment here. He says we came to know that he was found unconscious in school, and says if you are not taking care of him then we can take him to our custody and send him to juvenile home. Yashoda says we have brought him home. The Inspector asks Krishna to tell the truth, and not to get afraid. Krishna thinks if I take Aastha’s name then it will be proved that this house is not safe for me, and they will send me to juvenile home. He thinks he can tell badi baby’s truth to Madam ji later, so that she can make her understand. Aastha gets tensed. Inspector asks him to tell. Krishna says when I was going from there, someone came from behind and was teasing me, saying my mother is dead and left me as an orphan. He says he said that I am a burden in this house and says we had a fight, and went there fighting. He says then he locked the door and left, and I had fainted. He says I was trying to escape from there, when the box fell down on me and I fainted. He tells that he has no danger from the family members, everyone are good and asks if I can go, as there is a party in the evening. Aastha looks on.

Ashok asks Krishna if it is truth, whatever you told outside. He says if you are hesitant to say, then you can say. He asks if Kamini jiji has locked you. Krishna says no, and says Madam ji and I will give you the surprise, and says you are the lawyer and is asking me again. He says I will not tell. Yashoda comes there and asks if you can identify the boy. Krishna says leave him, I have beaten him enough, and asks them to get ready for the party.

Kamini and Bansal come to the party and see the house decorated. She says the house was not much decorated on Ashok’s wedding. Kamini comes to Amma and compliments her. Amma asks her to be thankful that Yashoda is Ashok’s wife and asks her not to show any smartness. Kamini calls Mahua. Bansal thinks Kamini will take Mahua’s class. Kamini asks Mahua what is the matter, you are looking very beautiful. She says I was searching you, you didn’t welcome me, I am daughter of the house and you are choti bahu. She says I know that you are hurt seeing me here, but I don’t dare if the Servant came or badi bahu came to invite me. She says I am standing here with pride. Mahua asks her to go and stand there. Kamini twists her hand and asks her to talk to her with respect next time. She leaves her. Mahua falls on Gayatri. Gayatri asks what happened? Kamini says Mahua has worn sandals. She asks Manoj and Gayatri to come. Arvind takes them inside. Ashok thinks he has to stop jiji from giving them surprise, else this house will shatter.

Precap: Kamini asks Ashok not to be happy burning the projector. Ashok has burnt the projector. Krishna says it had the identity of my mother, it was the proof that this house people know my mother. Ashok tells Yashoda that he had kept their photos in the projector, short circuit happened and all the photos got burnt.

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