Dowry greedy husband became a devil in Bharatpur, wife got raped by relatives, video was also made

Rape Case in Bharatpur: Incidents of crime against women in Rajasthan are not taking the name of stopping. A case of shame to humanity has come to the fore in Bharatpur. It is alleged that the husband took a heinous step against his own wife for not getting cash and bullets in dowry. The husband called the relatives and got the wife raped in front of him and also made a video from the mobile. After the sensational incident, the husband taunted his wife for not giving dowry and threatened to compensate her by uploading the video on YouTube. The husband’s brother-in-law and other person who raped the wife. The incident is from Kaman police station area of ​​Bharatpur.

Husband accused of raping wife by relatives

The victim has lodged a complaint with the police. He told that the marriage took place on 25 May 2019 in Punhana area of ​​Haryana. After marriage, the in-laws started harassing her for dowry. The in-laws were demanding Rs 1.5 lakh in cash and a bullet bike. When the demands of the in-laws were not met, the woman was tortured physically and mentally. The victim told that her in-laws had driven her away from the house. After being driven out of the house, she started living in the mother’s house. After about 6 months, the husband reached home and took him away after luring him. Wife says husband raped his brother-in-law and two other people.

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Threatened to make a video from mobile and put it on YouTube

The husband himself made the video of the whole incident from his mobile. The husband was demanding the wife to bring dowry. But when the demand for dowry was not met, the husband got the wife to do abominable work. An accused had brought the victim to work 5 days ago. He took her to a secluded place and tried to rape her. But fled after the woman raised an alarm. The woman somehow reached her home. After reaching home, the woman told the whole story to the family members. Kaman police station in-charge Daulat Sahu told that the woman has filed a case of rape. The posting of the pornographic video on YouTube has not yet been confirmed. The matter is being investigated. 

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