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Scene 1
Makay falls, and his face is covered in mud. Please laugh, Charu stops. Charu asks people to stop laughing. She says my dad said we have to pick people. She says are you okay? She says let me get water. Charu washes his face. she’s shocked. She says, dad. Charu hugs him and cries. He smiles.

Durga says Bholi tell me what did you do to Charu? Binoy says what are you saying? Bholi says Chaur meets her hiding. She makes her hate us. Charu asks are you okay? Are you injured? He hugs her. Charu says dad are you okay? Bholi accused me of everything. She accused me of killing you. She harmed you so much. She tells him everything. Charu says only Durga trusted me. Everyone considers us your murderer. He says are you okay? You were under fire. Charu says yes you saved me like every time dad. Charu cries. He says, Charu? She says dad we have to expose Bholi. I am so happy. SOmeone else would be equally happy. Let’s go to haveli. I can’t take you there. You stay here, I will bring Durga.

Bholi says she’s a criminal and Durga meets her. Durga says don’t do this drama. I am with Charu. She meets me in this house. Everyone is shocked. Charu comes as Chatur and says stop it. Durga is about to hug her. Chatur stops her. He says I thought you were my friend but you’re friends with that Charu. She is a criminal. Durga says you’re not my friend either. You’re this phopis. Chatur says you are accusing my phopi. Durga says okay I won’t’ talk to you. Binoy says what are you doing Durga. You’re still meeting that Charu. Durga says no one is my family here. Chatur says phopi we won’t live here. We’re not respected here. Durga goes to her room. Chatur says we will leave today. Binoy says Sampurna so much was happening here and you had no idea?

Charu comes to Durga. Durga hugs her and cries. She says I was so scared that I lost you. I thought I would never find you again. Charu says she was about to burn me. Durga says what? Charu says God is with us. She says you know who saved me? I want you to meet him. We will go see him. They go out from the backdoor. Bholi tells Polash she killed Charu. She says Durga is my next target. She has to leave this house forever. Binoy, Sumona, and Sampurna come there and say what? Binoy says what did you say? How can you even think that way? How can you leave this house? Polash says I was saying the same. Bholi says Durga has hurt me a lot. Binoy says she’s a kid. I am sorry on her behalf. Binoy says let her be locked in that room. He says devi can’t live her without you. Please don’t go. Bholi says I will tolerate my daughter only.

Scene 2
Charu rbigns Durga to Makay. She says Makay kaka you’re alive. She gets so happy. Charu says he saved me. Durga hugs him and says thank you for saving my charu. She says your accusations would be over forever, police won’t arrest you. Charu says yes my dad would tell police everything. He says wait who is Bholi? Is she your friend? Why are you calling me dad and Makay kaka? They’re shocked. Charu says what are you saying? This is Durga. You dont’ know her? He says I don’t even know my own name. He says I don’t know why are you calling me dad. Durga says he’s forgotten everything.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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