Ear Pain: In severe cold, ear pain may have to be taken lightly, know how to avoid it

Health Tips:  The winter season brings with it diseases like cold and cough. These problems are common. Some people get rid of them by doing home remedies and some with doctor’s medicines..but the most troubling disease in cold weather is ear pain.. There is a complaint of ear pain. According to health experts, if the problem of pain in the ear is not taken care of in time, then it can also reach the nose and head. Actually, the structure inside the ear is very delicate. Its nerves pass through our brain and throat. Let us know the reason behind this and the ways to avoid ear pain..
In winter, people often tell the problem of ear pain after cold. Bacteria reach the nose with the help of the Eustachian tube that runs from our ear to the throat. Due to infection in the winter season, ear pain often increases and ear starts flowing.
Stuff Nose
In some cases, it is also seen that due to some kind of congestion in the Eustachian tube going from the throat to the ear, the pain also increases. This happens often in winter. This increases the problems. If this problem is not taken care of in time, then it can also take a serious form.
Cold and Cough
During cough and sneezing in cold and cough, there is pressure on the inner parts of the ear. Pain often starts due to pressure in the veins. Therefore, medicine should be taken immediately from the doctor as soon as there is a cold in winter.
People facing sinus problem also often have to face ear pain. In such a situation, if there is no effect of the medicine again and again, you should immediately consult a doctor. So that this problem can be overcome.
cool breeze
In winter, due to cold air in the ear, the nerves of the ear are immediately affected. Before stepping out in winter, make sure to cover your ears and nose. With this you can avoid this problem.
How to avoid earache problem
1. Protect your ears and nose from cold air and cover them better.
2. Do not use hairpins or matchsticks to clean your ears. Doing so can be dangerous.
3. Do not use any kind of medicine without the advice of health expert.
4. Immediately consult an ENT expert if you feel pain. Delay in treatment leads to complications.
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