Eat green almonds in summer, strengthen heart and immunity

Benefits of Green Almonds

1- Strengthen immunity- Eating green almonds strengthens immunity. It is rich in antioxidants, which leads to body detox. Its consumption strengthens the immune system and balances the pH level in the body. 

2- Keep the heart healthy- Green almonds help in keeping the heart healthy. Green almonds contain flavonoids or bioflavonoids, which are secondary metabolites. This increases antioxidants and blood cells in the body. This reduces the risk of blockage or heart attack. Bad cholesterol is also reduced by eating green almonds. 

3- Increase Metabolism- Eating green almonds keeps the metabolism healthy. By eating it, the problem of gas and acidity remains away. Raw almonds are also beneficial for the stomach. Eating it does not cause heat and keeps the stomach healthy. 

4- Strengthens bones and teeth- Phosphorus is enough in raw almonds, which makes your teeth and bones strong. Anti-bacterial properties are found in green almonds, due to which the gums keep healthy and the mouth is also clean. 

5- Benefit in diabetes- Eating green almonds on an empty stomach also keeps diabetes under control. It is also very beneficial for those who take insulin. Raw almonds control the sudden rise in blood sugar.

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