Eco Friendly Tips: Give a new look to your home with these eco friendly products, think for the environment too

Eco Friendly Tips: Every little thing that we use is related to our environment somewhere. Therefore, whatever you use, think once about how it will affect your environment. Replacing plastic with eco-friendly stuff will prove beneficial for the environment and for you in many ways. If you bring small changes in your lifestyle, then the environment will also benefit from it’. So use a product that is eco friendly.

Use basket instead of plastic bag
You can use eco friendly basket. There are plastic containers and baskets in homes, replace them with cotton baskets.

Change the pot
You planted a plant for the environment but planted it in a plastic pot. Instead, you put planters made of bamboo in them. Beautify the house by using Green Bag Planter and also take a right step for the environment

Eco Friendly Air Freshener Card
You can use Eco Friendly Air Freshener Card to remove the smell of the house. You can put it wherever you want.

Biodegradable Garbage Bag
You should use this instead of black plastic bags. This bag is small in size and easily fits into any dustbin.  

Eco.Conscious Sanitary Pads
Most of the pads you use contain up to 90 percent plastic. Which produces up to 33 lakh tonnes of plastic every year. So use this Echo Pad only.

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