Economic crisis in Sri Lanka: Rs 3853 kg turmeric, 1 kg bread cost Rs 3583

Inflation hit in Sri Lanka

Essentials     price       increase in one year
Petrol               Rs 254          85%
Diesel              Rs 104          69%
Cylinder             Rs 2750       84%
Turmeric                Rs 3853       443%     
bread                  Rs 3583       443% 
Rice               Rs 162         93% 
Masoor Dal          Rs 325        117%

The price of petrol has increased by 85 percent in one year. Diesel has become costlier by 69 per cent. There was a jump of 84 percent in the price of LPG cylinder. Not only this, the price of one kg of turmeric is Rs 3853, which has a jump of 443 percent. One kg of bread is available for Rs 3583. Its price has also increased by 443 percent. The price of rice has increased by 93 per cent, while that of masoor dal has increased by 117 per cent.

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