ED claims about Pooja Singhal, used her husband’s hospital for money laundering

Pooja Singhal Corruption Case: Ranchi based hospital ‘owned’ by Jharkhand’s IAS officer Pooja Singhal and her family ‘laundered’ tainted money. And here (in the hospital) huge payments in cash were generally accepted. ED said this in the court after the arrest of Secretary level officer Singhal.

Which post was Pooja Singhal posted?
Jharkhand government on Thursday suspended Pooja Singhal (44) as per the prescribed procedure because of the condition of arrest of a government servant in a criminal case. I have such a provision within 24 hours of receipt of information. Singhal was working as Secretary of Industries and holding additional charge as Secretary, Department of Mines and Geology.

How much money was recovered ?
Suman Kumar was arrested in this case last week after allegedly getting Rs 17.79 crore in cash from his residential and office premises. He is also in ED custody. The agency had said that Singhal had in the past transferred Rs 16.57 lakh from his personal account to three bank accounts owned and controlled by Suman Kumar.

Is there rigging in the hospital too?
The value of the hospital is allegedly said to be Rs 3 crore on paper, Jha also allegedly manages this hospital, the officials said. . The ED claimed that the probe revealed that the tainted money was being laundered through this alleged hospital. He alleged that Suman Kumar gave a statement before him that most of the money recovered from his house belonged to Pooja Singhal which he had received on her behalf.

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