Education of girls affected due to corona, 72% of girl students were away from studies during lockdown

Covid Impact on Studies: Due to Corona epidemic, the education system of the whole world including India has been badly affected. Since the year 2020, children’s schools remained closed for two consecutive years. Due to this, along with the mental and physical development of the child, studies have also suffered a lot. Recently, a survey conducted in Jharkhand has revealed that during the Corona epidemic, the education of girls has been badly affected. About 72 percent of the girl students of the state are leaving their studies and doing household chores during the lockdown. Schools for children of class 5 have been closed in the state for the last two years. Due to this, the education of the girl child has been badly affected.

During the lockdown, the girl child has not got enough time to study and she is engaged in household chores. A two-day conclave was organized in the state for the education of children in the state. In this conclave, corona and its effect on children’s education have been discussed mainly. In the state, the government had made arrangements for online education for the children to run their education smoothly. But, many children of the state have not got the facility of online classes.

42 percent children could not study in Corona
According to the report published in Prabhat Khabar, there are about 42 percent such children in the state who were completely away from studies due to corona epidemic. They could not get the benefit of the facility of online education. At the same time, 30 percent of the children of the state can get the benefit of online education. Along with this, there has been a very bad effect on the education of girls during this period. 72 percent of the girls of the state left studies during Corona and were engaged in household chores. Along with this, corona has some effect on the education of 92 percent of the children and about 82 percent of the children have been found to be weaker in maths than last year.

Education Department is preparing a plan
The Department of School Education and Literacy is preparing a plan to compensate for the loss in the education of children during the corona epidemic. In order to pay more attention to children’s education in this plan, now a special class of 2 hours will be kept for Anganwadi children. 

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