Egg For Health: White or Brown? Know which color egg is more beneficial for health

Brown or white egg: Since childhood, this thing has entered our mind that whether it is Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday. Be it children, elders or elders, everyone likes to eat eggs in breakfast. Especially if the weather is winter, then their importance increases further. In winter, eggs not only provide warmth to the body but also maintain energy throughout the day. There is a question in people’s mind regarding eggs that after all brown egg or white egg, which one is more beneficial for health. Let us know which color egg is a boon for health. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor told that the color of the egg is determined by the color of the hen’s feather. If the hen has brown feathers, then its eggs will be brown. On the other hand, if there is a hen with white feathers, then its eggs will be white. Max Super Specialty Hospital, Internal Medicine Dr. Manira Dhasmana agreed, saying  The color of the egg shell depends on the pigments that the hen produces, which is mainly protoporphyrin.

Which one is nutritionally richer

Dr. Mikita Gandhi of the Indian Dietetic Association  said that the nutritional profile of eggs is more or less the same. They have complete protein and are low in calories. Nutrients called some vitamins and minerals like choline, folate, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin A and selenium are found in eggs. He said that the nutrition of eggs depends on the environment in which the hen is living.

Dr Gandhi said that most people prefer to eat brown eggs instead of white eggs because they feel that It is healthy and organic. Mikita Gandhi said that the nutritional profile is the same in both types of eggs, regardless of the color of the shell. Brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs because the breed of hen that lays brown eggs is larger and lays fewer eggs. Due to this its selling cost increases due to which it is sold expensive. He said that if someone is a non-vegetarian, he can eat both white and brown eggs and almost the same nutrients are found in both.

Keep these things in mind while buying eggs< /strong>

-Eggs should be fresh
-Eggs should be kept in fridge. The doctor suggested that eggs should be avoided if they are kept outside

To sum up, rather than the color of the eggs, the nutritional value of the eggs depends on the hen’s diet. If hens are always exposed to the sun and eat good food, their eggs will be more nutritious. On the other hand, if the chickens are always kept in a closed room and their food is not good then the eggs will not be healthy.

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