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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Jijabai helping Meera stand up. Jijabai refused to let Bhim Rao study. Jijabai questioned Meera for not congratulating her like she used congratulate Bhim Rao on his wins. Jijabai was in full support of her victory. Meera wanted to curse her; Bhim Rao stopped her. Meera hugged him and cried. She wondered how Bhim Rao would study from now on. Jijabai called it a drama and left.

Rama cried alone, wondered how she and Bhim Rao would collect 25 anna. Ramji came it her, he apologized to Rama. Ramji wouldn’t justify himself or explain his actions to her but will say on thing. Ramji reminded that when Bhim Rao and Rama were leaving the house because of Varchand Ramji asked Rama of one thing; Rama was asked to take care of Bhim Rao. Today once again Ramji asked Rama to take care of Bhim Rao.

Varchand’s men informed him about Ramji’s decision. Varchand laughed once than slapped his man questioning why they couldn’t find Joshi yet.

Lakshmi cried accusing herself for not understand a brother like Bhim Rao, she accused her foolishness to be the reason God took her child. Anand consoled her, said that they must fight this battle with courage and strength. Jijabai came, questioned why dinner wasn’t prepared yet. Ramji asked Lakshmi not to make his dinner. Lakshmi wasn’t hungry as well, she asked if Jijabai wanted something sweet as well. Jijabai was willing to have anything sweet, she wasn’t concerned about anyone’s hunger.

Bhim Rao recalled Ramji motivating him to study. Rama sat beside him rethinking what Ramji asked her earlier. She asked Bhim Rao what he was pondering about. Bhim Rao said that his parents created the academic world around him. His mother left him way earlier and now Ramji left him alone as well. Rama comforted him, said that Ramji hasn’t backed out. Bhim Rao understood Ramji’s reasons, he promised to fulfil their dream. Rama said that they must go out for a walk. She wasn’t as intellectual as Bhim Rao but new that they must sink in time to let go of the pain. She asked for Bhim Rao’s hand, to go out together. Bhim Rao held her hand, they went outside.

They were in a park. Rama loved the cold breeze, asked if Bhim Rao was enjoying as well. Bhim Rao remained silent. Rama questioned as why he wasn’t fighting the battle like he always advises. Bhim Rao asked if they could go home. Rama agreed only if he wasn’t enjoying. Bhim Rao stood still. Rama asked him to sit. Rama told him not to worry they still had 28 days to arrange the money. Bhim Rao was confused; they had a lot of responsibilities now. Rama reminded how Bhim Rao arranged money for Manjula’s chain. Bhim Rao was clueless this time, he didn’t have any money nor any job. Ramji came, said that though his family can not help him but that doesn’t mean the Ramji wanted Bhim Rao to abandon his studies. Ramji wanted Bhim Rao to fight his battle solely this time, to prove everyone wrong and attain education otherwise he would be disappointed at his son’s intellect. Ramji left, he was sorry for transferring the burden on Bhim Rao.

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