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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Bhim Rao wakes up to Hitesh questioning Rama for withing something. Bhim Rao came out and questioned her. Rama made a calendar or remaining 27 days Rama and Bhim Rao had to collect 25 anna. Everyone made fun of them, since they couldn’t arrange college fee hence arranging 25 annas was an impossible task. Rama challenged, assured that that Bhim Rao would study. Jijabai said that in order to get money it was necessary to work. Bhim Rao knew that. He would remember the day he was at his lowest and his wife helped him restore it. Bhim Rao asked Rama to got to work. Varchand came, informed that the hotel Rama works in has been burnt down. The owner was extremely injured, hence Rama had not job to do. Varchand would not let Bhim Rao or Rama work for next 27 days. He noticed Rama’s calendar, ought to make everyone who support Bhim Rao feel miserable. Varchand announced that he would come here every day to erase the dates. Bhim Rao would suffer every day. Varchand would not let him study in this city, unlike Vaibhav wished. Meera asked Bhim Rao and Rama to leave for their work. Varchand questioned Anand, said that he must got to his work now. Anand refused. Varchand told Ramji that his sons were useless.
Lakshmi asked Anand why he didn’t want to work. Anand knew that Varchand was the reason he lost his job. He didn’t want him to help Bhim Rao. Lakshmi requested him to find work so that they could help Bhim Rao after 27 days. Anand refused. Ramji intervened, asked Anand to work for his wife and family. Lakshmi agreed, they have to earn more as well. Jijabai told that Lakshmi was her own decision maker, she needed not to work for Bhim Rao. Lakshmi decided to find work and help Bhim Rao, at least she would know she tried to help. Anand and Lakshmi left.

Jijabai asked Ramji for breakfast. Ramji refused to eat anything; Jijabai ruined everything for him. Puranjan came, asked Jijabai to prepare his breakfast. Ramji had not desire to live anymore. Puranjan comforted him, said that he must stick around till Bhim Rao becomes a Barrister. Puranjan would feed Ramji himself.

Bhim Rao and Rama went to a Sethji asking for work. He refused, didn’t want any enmity with Puranjan.

Bhim Rao wasn’t amazed; it wasn’t the first time he was facing rejection. Meanwhile. Varchand’s men came running towards him. Bhim Rao stopped and questioned them. Apparently, they were searching for Joshi. The men left. Varchand stepped out of his vehicle, asked Bhim Rao not to be frightened. His men were finding Joshi Joshi just like Bhim Rao was searching for a job. Varchand told that he would come to his neighborhood this evening to erase a date Rama had written on the wall.

Joshi was kept hostage by his uncle who came with food for him to eat. Joshi was tied to a chair. He wanted to get out and see the look on Bhim Rao’s face after his own father denied supporting him. His uncle reminded Joshi about Varchand and his men finding him everywhere. He fed Joshi.

In the evening, Varchand erase a day. Every time he would do so Bhim Rap’s confidence would shatter; he would lose at everything simultaneously. He would love to see Bhim Rao’s desires dieting just like Vaibhav died. He recalled the day Bhim Rao chose education over death. Varchand would not let Bhim Rao fulfil his dreams. He left afterwards.

Bhim Rao sat alone; he could not let Varchand kill his dreams. He decided to sell everything he has to arrange the money.

Rama and Lakshmi were applying medicine on Meera’s feet. Meera asked Rama to check on Bhim Rao, he was upset. Rama said that her husband was different form others, he would find himself a solution. Meanwhile, the heard a voice coming from inside. Rama and Lakshmi went to check. Meera was going inside when Jijabai came and questioned how Meera would help Bhim Rao when those who were more privileged then her couldn’t. Jijabai taunted her disability. Meera would do anything for Bhim Rao.

Rama questioned Bhim Rao. He asked her to sell everything he owned in this house. Bhim Rao wanted to study. He cannot let his dreams die.

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