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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Rama questioning Bhim Rao if selling his belongings would get him 25 annas. Bhim Rao had no answer, Rama decided to sell her belongings as well. Lakshmi agreed with Rama. Bhim Rao sat down helplessly. Ramji left. Rama didn’t know what to do but she knew that they can not give up. They must try and work ever day. Lakshmi wanted to know what comes out of Bhim Rao’s fight. She asked him not to give up already or no one in her caste would ever stand to fight again. Jijabai praised Lakshmi’s lecture, asked her to prepare dinner.

Ramji sat with Puranjan, and Anand saddened to leave Bhim Rao alone in this difficult time. He can not even gift him a book on his birthday anymore. Hitesh was satisfied to see Ramji upset and worried. Puranjan regretted knowing that everyone was elder that Bhim Rao but still helpless. Anand recalled that Bhimabai asked Anand to stick with Bhim Rao. Bala who never supported Bhim Rao always told that Anand would stay with him forever. he called himself unlucky for not being Bhim Rao’s support when it was needed the most. Ramji saw a man passing with drum in his hand. Though they cannot help Bhim Rao to solve his problem but can lighten his mind.
Bhim Rao and Rama sat in their room. Bhim Rao was worried on what to do. They heard Ramji singing outside. Rama took Bhim Rao outside, knew that Ramji was singing for Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao went out; Ramji and Bhim Rao sang together. With that 23 days of endless efforts passed but Bhim Rao couldn’t get anything, he faced rejection from everyone and everywhere. Varchand crossed the 23rd day, he heard that 14th April was Bhim Rao’s birthday. He waited for it patiently, it would make him realize his life’s actual purpose which was not to study but serve. Varchand left as it was Ramji’s singing time. Hitesh and other’s taunted Ramji for not getting anything in 23 days. Ramji lost balance, was about to collapse. Bhim Rao held him, requested him not lose hope.

It was Bhim Rao’s birthday. Jijabai reminded him that he wouldn’t get anything. Meera, Puranjan, Anand and Ramji came to him. They gave him a bouquet as a gift. Bhim Rao took everyone’s blessings and hugged them. Jijabai clapped, said that Bhim Rao would take flowers with him to work. Flower won’t help him. Bhim Rao refused, said that it would help him learn a lot. He noticed that Rama was nowhere to be seen. Lakshmi came, wished him a happy birthday. She and Rama went to the market to shop for him. they would make him kheer and sweet bread. Lakshmi told that Rama left mid-way. Bhim Rao knew where she must be.

Rama was writing a letter. Bhim Rao came to him. Rama asked him to wait at a distance, she was writing a letter in his name. Bhim Rao questioned. She would only let him read the letter under condition. Bhim Rao asked. She wanted him to take her to the sea today, on their way back she would let him read the letter. She said that there was something special in this letter for him. Bhim Rao was curious to know. Rama knew that this letter would change Bhim Rao’s world. Bhim Rao took her. Varchand and his men were observing Bhim Rao from a far.

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