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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Ramji asked Rama to take Bhim Rao home. Ramji left. Bhim Rao questioned Rama, he cannot ignore the wrong. Rama asked him sit down and meditate. They both mediated.

Ramji on his way back thought of visiting Bhim Rao’s lawyer to stop him for not involving in Joshi’s matters. Bala came, Ramji told him Bhim Rao’s issue. Bala questioned Ramji for not stopping Bhim Rao like he stopped Bala. Ramji said that Bala wasn’t any different from Joshi. They both are egoist men who don’t care about their siblings. Ramji prayed for every house to have a child like Bhim Rao.

Rama and Bhim Rao were meditating under the tree. Varchand came, he mocked them. Varchand questioned Bhim Rao’s capabilities to help Joshi’s sister. Rama understood that Varchand was trying to instigate Bhim Rao. Varchand asked if Bhim Rao would help Joshi’s sister to which Rama replied that he won’t. Bhim Rao wasn’t responsible for everyone. Bhim Rao fights for justice. Rama and Bhim Rao left. Varchand was ready for the fun because this situation would turn the tables for Bhim Rao.

Joshi threw her sister on the ground. She begged her parents to listen to her. Joshi grounded her, she would be starved until she gets back her senses. They locked her in the room and left. The brother in law was slapped for having willing to marry her sister in law. His mother begged him not to run after a woman who ate his elder brother to death. The boy argued, said that Nirmala’s life would become easy if her married her.

Bhim Rao and Rama came home, the neighbors taunted them for being self-centered. Ramji came, questioned the neighbors. Jijabai came, said that Bhim Rao was self-centered because he used Sarla’s money to pay his fee only. Ramji took Jijabai inside by force as he wanted to talk to her. Bhim Rao apologized to the neighbors. Phuliya came to them, she told them about Joku being unwell. Phuliya excused from supporting Bhim Rao and Rama in their fight because she didn’t want to waste her life fighting. Joku praised Phuliya, everyone accompanied.

Ramji questioned Jijabai for distributing the money she brought from her maternal home. Jijabai stood silent. Ramji warned her, she would have to pay the consequences.

Bhabi loved how all the woman questioned Bhim Rao. Jijabai was still astonished at how Phuliya. Bhabi asked for the next plan. Told Jijabai about Bhim Rao’s wish to help Nirmala.

Bhim Rao was studying. He recalled the incident with Nirmala. He then started concentrating on his books Rama stood behind the door, wondered how she should calm him. Ramji told that he talked to Bhim Rao’s lawyers. The lawyer said that he would keep Bhim Rao busy in the office work to divert his mind. Rama was worried about Nirmala. Ramji said that until the society changes they cannot help Nirmala.

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