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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Rama wondering what to do next. Bhim Rao leaves the place in utter despair, Rama follows him. Ramji suggests everyone to bring water from a nearby stream. Joku wants to consider Bhim Rao’s defeated. Lakshmi agrees, she wants them to understand that they all lost with Bhim Rao today. Everyone leaves to get water.

Rama asks Bhim Rao to say something. He is in conflict to understand the selfishness of upper caste, they placed a dead dog in their own well just to tease the lower caste. Rama takes Bhim Rao home; this societal disorder is what they are fighting for.

Varchand and Joshi invites David to celebrate. David can not stop, he wants to bring this to a dreadful end. Varchand questions, they can not do anything about the lower caste taking water from their own well. David points the lower cast to be bringing water from a nearby stream, he has plan to bring stop it as well. He tells Joshi and his men about it; they start laughing as it was a marvelous plan. David taunts them for laughing before putting it in action.

The chawl members go to the stream. Ramji calls Bhim Rao to tell them about the chawl members who are here with him to get water, they have been suffering with pain sine Sitara and in Bombay as well. Bhim Rao agrees, society will not think differently about the lower caste if it remained stuck in daily life issues. Today Ramji, Bhim Rao and everyone else are facing extreme crisis, he isn’t sure how it will end but assures that one day the struggles and oppression will come to an end. Ramji believes that Bhim Rao is the only one who can bring justice to the lower caste.
David has the men mix a chemical in the stream water making it toxic for daily use. Varchand wants the lower caste to die after drinking this.

Joku and everyone else is happy to see water in front of their eyes. Rama asks everyone to take the water. Varchand, David and Joshi watches as they take water. David wants to see them suffer.
Deepak takes Hitesh back to bring water from the stream. He informs everyone that their well will be cleaned as soon as possible. Meera taunts Jijabai to laugh. Anand assures Jijabai that no matter the ups and down, Bhim Rao always wins. Deepak and Hitesh leave to bring water. Meera orders Jijabai to prepare meal once the water comes.

Joku wants to drink water right here. Joshi laughs as they will all die here. David calls for a party if anyone of them dies here. Everyone drinks water from the stream. Rama suggests Lakshmi to fill their pots first. Deepak comes running to his mother, he wants to drink water because he is extremely thirsty. Ramji and Bhim Rao arrive. Shoba asks Bhim Rao not to worry, though they weren’t able to take water from that well but stopped the upper caste from taking water from it as well. Lakshmi considers it a victory. Rama pours water for Lakshmi to drink from. Meanwhile everyone faints from a headache. Ramji, Lakshmi, Rama, Bhim Rao and Shoba gets nervous, they check on everyone Varchand on the other side laughs out loudly. David is frustrated to see Bhim Rao alive, knows that he wont drink water now. Joshi asks everyone to leave for now. They all left the scene though they didn’t want to. Rama points that all those who drank the water fainted. Bhim Rao wants to take everyone to hospital but it isn’t possible to take everyone. Bhim Rao goes to bring doctor here.

Joshi and Varchand visits the chawl. Jijabai detects something bad happened to Bhim Rao. Anand questions the reason of their arrival. Varchand tells Meera and Anand that they chawl members fainted near the stream. Meera and Anand left to check. Jijabai asks them about Ramji. Joshi sends her to see it for herself. Varchand feels an indescribable satisfaction to see Bhim Rao and his family in pain.

Bhim Rao and Rama asks a doctor to help his people who fainted. The doctor makes an excuse and leaves. David standing behind knows that the doctor wont come back to save the chawl members.

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