Electricity consumers are going to be shocked in Rajasthan, read full news

Rajasthan News: There is bad news for electricity consumers in Rajasthan. Electricity department is going to shock. To meet the deficit, preparations have been made to collect surcharge. Significantly, in the budget speech, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had announced to give relief to electricity consumers. To counter the power crisis in Rajasthan, expensive electricity is being purchased from the exchange. Consumers will have to bear the brunt of the new plants being commissioned on time and the coal crisis not being resolved in the form of increased electricity bills. 

Shock to electricity consumers in Rajasthan

Like last time, this year also 33 paise per unit can be recovered. Fuel surcharge is collected from about 1 crore 52 lakh electricity consumers in the state. Of these, 1 crore 19 lakh are domestic consumers only, while there are commercial 14 lakh, industrial 3.54 lakh connections. Agriculture has about 15.41 lakh electricity connections. Normally electricity available for Rs.4-5 and a half unit is being purchased at Rs.12-17 per unit.

Due to the demand across the country, sometimes its rate reaches 20 to 25 rupees. All the discoms are preparing to make up for the loss by imposing surcharge in the bill by buying expensive electricity. The electricity department can increase the rate by 33 paise per unit. Electricity rate ranges from Rs 4 20 paise to Rs 4 45 paise when purchased from power plants present in Rajasthan. In the year 2021 also, electricity worth Rs 13 thousand 793 crore was purchased. Electricity companies put the burden on the consumers by increasing the fuel surcharge.

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Electricity consumption increased by more than 25 percent

Fuel surcharge recovery happens every three months. Taking the example of a middle class house while calculating on the basis of the previous quarter, then on the use of 350 units of electricity in a month, the consumer will have to pay about Rs 347 on the bill for three months. If there is more electricity consumer, the amount will increase in the same proportion. According to an estimate, Jaipur Discom itself collects more than Rs 250 crore. All the three discoms charge Rs 550 to 650 crore from the consumers. During the assembly budget session in March, Energy Minister Bhanwar Singh Bhati had said that there was a drought in the state due to the increase in demand for electricity.

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