Elephants leaving the forest and reaching people’s homes due to the smell of liquor, forest department alerted

Elephant Terror in Kawardha: In Kawardha’s Pandariya area these days the panic of elephants has made life difficult for people. A herd of elephants is reaching people’s homes by smelling the smell of Mahua liquor and sabotaging them. Elephants are also getting drunk after drinking Mahua’s liquor kept in the house. A group of elephants is still present in the forest, about half a kilometer away from the village. The elephants are targeting the Mahua kept in the house. Due to Mahua, the elephant group is creating ruckus in the houses.

Munadi being done to avoid elephants

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Knocking by smelling the liquor of Mahua

These days the villagers go inside the Mahua picker forest and make Mahua liquor on their return home. Perhaps this is the reason why a group of elephants in the forest is smelling the smell of Mahua and reaching people’s homes and breaking people’s houses and drinking Mahua’s liquor. Let us tell you that Mahua is found in the forested areas of Chhattisgarh. Due to the heat, there is not enough food for the elephants to eat in the forest. Therefore, it is feared that elephants are coming towards the village and population area in search of food grains.

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