Elizabeth Holmes, who defrauded investors, was sentenced to 11 years by the court, know what is the matter

Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced: Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of America’s blood testing company Theranos, has been sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in prison by a California court. This punishment has been given to Holmes in the case of fraud with investors. After a 3-month trial in court, he was found guilty in January of defrauding investors and lying about his technology. He promised to revolutionize blood testing in America and betrayed in the name of it. 

Elizabeth Holmes wept in court

Acquitted in patient-deceiving cases

According to ABC News report, Holmes was found guilty on 4 out of 11 counts. In court, the jury, while giving its verdict, said that Holmes had lied to investors about the company in order to get money from them. He was acquitted by the court in 4 cases of cheating patients. In view of the evidence presented by Elizabeth Holmes in the case of deceiving patients, the jury acquitted her of these cases. People from both sides were present in the court. 

The court has ordered Holmes to remain under the supervision of the police for three years even after the sentence. Even before the sentence was pronounced by the court, Elizabeth Holmes started crying and apologizing. To apologize, he also read a few lines of poet Rumi’s poem. He said that yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am sensible, so I am changing myself. 

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