Elon Musk closes Twitter offices, hundreds of employees resign

Twitter Offices Shut Down: Everything is not going well in Twitter at the moment. Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter and the world’s richest man, has made many changes in the company. Now Twitter has told the employees that all the offices of the company have been temporarily closed. Twitter Chief Elon Musk said that employees who refuse to follow the company’s new rules can leave the company. Twitter has now closed its offices and badge access has also been closed till November 21.

Hundreds of employees have resigned from Twitter after Musk’s new decree. In fact, Elon Musk recently sent an email to Twitter employees regarding many rules like 12 hours work, work from home ending. After this order, a large number of employees left Twitter. Musk also said in the email that Twitter will need to work harder, which means employees will now have to work longer hours at a faster pace. 

Employees resign, Twitter closes offices

The email said that employees who did not sign by Thursday, November 17, could leave the company with a mandatory three months’ pay. Soon after several employees decided to leave, Twitter sent another email that said That the company is temporarily closing all offices and has also suspended badge access till November 21.

Twitter has reduced workforce

Before Musk acquired Twitter, the company had about 7500 employees, but now the workforce is down to about 50 percent after massive layoffs. In addition, the workforce has further reduced with a large number of employees leaving the company. 

The exact figure of Twitter employees who resigned after Elon Musk’s email is not known, but it is said that this number is in hundreds. Some very old, trusted employees who have spent more than 10 years with the company have also resigned. Twitter’s engineering DM has also announced his resignation on Twitter. 

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