Elon Musk first fired around 5000 employees, will recruit engineers from India

Twitter: News came out some time ago that  Alan Musk has fired thousands of employees from Twitter. If we talk about the figures, it is being said that after taking charge of Twitter, Musk has reduced the number of employees from 7000 to about 2700. There was a lot of layoffs in Twitter. Now Musk says that there will be no more layoffs in the company.  Twitter’s human resources team is now reportedly hiring for engineering and sales roles.

First Indian employees evacuated

In a recent meeting with employees, Musk said that "Critical parts of technology need to be rebuilt from scratch" Allen further said that it would be a good idea to hire engineering teams from Japan, India, Indonesia and Brazil. However during the layoffs, Musk cut about 90 percent of the workforce. Out of about 200 employees, there are only 20 people who have not lost their jobs. Recent reports from Bloomberg revealed that nearly 70 per cent of the Indian engineering workforce was laid off overnight

Now planning to hire again

Musk is looking to hire engineers from India to help build Twitter 2.0, he hasn’t yet clarified what type of engineer the company is looking to hire. No hiring opening list has yet been posted on the official website of the microblogging site. Musk, on the other hand, told the employees during the meeting, " I would say that people who are great in terms of software will be given priority."

Thousands of Twitter employees have been fired after Musk became the owner of Twitter. Nearly 50 percent of the people have been quarantined from across the world including India along with former Twitter CEOs Parag Agarwal and Vijaya Gadde. Later, Musk laid off nearly 4,000 contract-based employees, and then, this week, a wave of layoffs hit the sales team.

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