Abdu Rozik’s scene was cut from ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ because he was supposed to appear in this role

Abdul Rozik: Singer Abdu Rojik of Tajikistan has become very popular since his entry in Bigg Boss. Fans were floored to see his innocence in the show. The fans were very happy with his entry in Bigg Boss. At the beginning of the show, when Salman Khan announced the name of Abdu Rojik as a contestant. That’s why he talked about Abdu’s presence in his film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’. However, Abdu was not seen in the film. However, now he has lifted the curtain from this secret.

Abdu’s scenes removed from the film
Abdu Rojik told Indian Express, ‘I had shot for the film but there were some scenes which did not turn out as expected. They wanted me to reshoot the scenes and required four more days for the work, but I was already inside the Bigg Boss house and as you know, once you are inside you are not allowed to leave the show. is not permitted. Due to this I could not complete the shoot and hence my scenes were removed from the film. I definitely shot for the film. Inshallah, I will soon return with Salman Bhai again in another film.

Abdu was about to play the role of Chhota Bhaijaan
Abdu Rojik told that he was going to play the role of gangster Chhota Bhaijaan in this film. He said, ‘I am still in touch with him. He is my elder brother, while I am the younger brother. We are in touch through calls and messages. This is all good and I love him.

Abdu opens restaurant in Mumbai
Talking about the changes in his life after Bigg Boss and his new restaurant, Abdu said, ‘It’s great. I have always got love from people and now after Bigg Boss I am getting more love. I have definitely become more famous (laughs). Now by the grace of God, I have also started my restaurant in Mumbai. I once called burgers ‘burgier’ and everyone liked the word. That’s why it has been decided to start a restaurant with the same name. I just hope and pray that it does well. Of course, I will continue to work in the industry, but this business is for my family. Acting, singing, music videos it’s a volatile business. By this I know that I will always earn well and I can give all the happiness to my family. I want my parents to be proud of me.

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