Adaa’s grandmother made this appeal after watching ‘The Kerala Story’, the actress became nervous! Told which scene caused the problem

Mumbai. ‘The Kerala Story’ remains in the news even two weeks after its release. The film’s trailer has been embroiled in controversies since its release. The story of the film is the story of Hindu girls from Kerala who are converted to Islam and one girl goes to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The film has been banned in states like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Although it is tax free in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The film has remained in theaters for 2 consecutive weeks.

‘The Kerala Story’ is breaking records. Adah Sharma is in the lead role in the film and is enjoying the success of the film. Meanwhile, she revealed in an interview that she was very nervous when she was about to show the film to her grandmother. He was worried about Nani’s reaction to the ‘rape’ and ‘disturbing’ scenes in the film.

Ada Sharm said in an interview to DNA, “My mother and grandmother knew the story. I was nervous about Nani’s reaction, especially about those rape scenes. All I was worried about was how she would react to the uncomfortable moments seen in the film.” Ada further told that after watching the film, her grandmother described it as an educational and knowledge-filled film.

Ada Sharma further said, “I believe that my 90-year-old grandmother is the strongest member of the house. After watching the film, she described it as an educational and informative experience and said, ‘I want all my students to watch it.’ I told him that it was an adult film, and then he suggested that it should have been U/A. film so that even little girls watch it, be aware of it and it will help them to be more vigilant.”

Let me tell you, ‘The Kerala Story’ has collected Rs 171.72 crore in the first two weeks. The film still remains in cinemas. The film will collect 200 crores very soon. On the love the film is getting, Ada Sharma had recently said that she did not even expect that the audience would give it so much love.

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