‘Bhola’ actor wanted to become a hero, Emergency destroyed everything, how ‘Lotia Pathan’ became a villain

Mumbai. Many artists come to the film world with the desire to make a career as a lead actor. Where some get a chance, on the other hand, even after getting films in the hands of some, the luck turns. Some famous Bollywood actors like this Kiran Kumar, son of Jeevan happened with Kiran, who has seen the film world since childhood, also had a dream to earn a name in the film world. But he always dreamed of becoming a hero, but luck played such a game with him that he became a famous villain of the industry.

Kiran Kumar was mischievous since childhood and used to have a lot of fun during his school and college days. His complaints often used to come to father Jeevan, about whom he was worried. Famous filmmaker Khwaja Ahmed Abbas once met Kiran about her bullying and during this time he offered Kiran one of his films, in which he wanted to cast Amitabh Bachchan. But due to lack of dates, Amitabh refused for the film.

Successful films as a hero
Abbas’s 1971 film ‘Do Boond Pani’ became special for Kiran Kumar and he was seen as a hero. Joginder Shelly’s second film to Kiran was ‘Bindiya Aur Bandook’, which came in the year 1972. After this, her film ‘Jungle Mein Mangal’ came, which was a hit. Kiran’s dream of becoming his own hero seemed to be coming true and many filmmakers had signed him in their films. Kiran signed 6 films simultaneously between 1973 and 1974. All these films were completed within a short span of time.


Indira Gandhi’s decision became a disaster
Everything was going well in Kiran’s life and the release date of her six films was also fixed. But in the meantime, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency on 25 June 1975 and because of this films were also banned. In this, those 6 films of Kiran also got wrapped up, which could make her the superstar of the industry. Just from here his dream broke and a time came when Kiran had no work.

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Asha Parekh changed course
Asha Parekh once offered Kiran the role of a villain for her Gujarati film. Kiran agreed to this for his sinking career and from here he turned to negative roles. After this, he appeared in Bollywood in 1987 as a villain in ‘Khudgarj’. At the same time, when she played Lotia Pathan in ‘Tezaab’ in 1988, new avenues were opened for her in Bollywood. Now soon Kiran will be seen in Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Bhola’.

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