Bollywood heroine’s father had shot her! Now the actress herself told the truth, she was the queen of millions of hearts in the 90s

Mumbai. Mandakini, the actress of ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, the last film made under the direction of Raj Kapoor, became a star overnight. Mandakini’s fortunes had brightened since the release of this film. Lakhs of people of Mandaniki had gone crazy.

This film, which came in 1985, proved to be a milestone in Mandakini’s career. Recently Mandakini has participated in The Kapil Sharma Show. Coming here, Mandakini has made many important revelations regarding her career. Also discussed about the rumor in which it was claimed that Mandakini’s father had shot her.

Mandakini’s father had shot!
Recently, Mandakini, who reached Kapil Sharma show, told that once a rumor had spread about her that her father had shot her. Mandakini told about this, ‘One day when I reached the set, everyone started asking me if you are fine? For a moment I was also surprised as to what had happened. Later I came to know that someone spread a rumor that my father shot me. Everyone was upset after hearing this news. Mandakini told that after this rumor everyone started asking about my well-being. However, when people came to know that it was a rumour, they were relieved.

Left the industry at the peak of his career
Mandakini became a hit in the 80s. Mandakini, who became an overnight sensation with her film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, did many films after this. However, at the peak of her career, Mandakini disappeared overnight. It was later learned that Mandakini married Dr. Kagyur T. Rinpoche Thakur in 1990. Renpoche Thakur was a Buddhist monk. Mandakini had also opened Buddhist Yoga Center and Herbal Center in Mumbai along with her husband. Mandakini now lives in Mumbai with her three children and is planning to return to the film world. Mandakini has a son Rabil and 2 daughters Rabji and Inaya Thakur.

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