Cannes 2023: Eyes on Urvashi’s ink blue lip shade, inspired by Aishwarya! 4 looks very special so far

Urvashi Rautela’s latest Cannes Blue Ink Lip Look: Mumbai. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s look from Cannes Film Festival 2023 has come to the fore. At the same time, there is another Indian beauty in this festival, who is spreading her wings. We are talking about Urvashi Rautela. Urvashi has remained a talking point since the beginning of Cannes due to her different look. Her latest look has reminded people of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Recently, she arrived at the festival wearing an ink blue lip shade, which is going viral on social media.


Urvashi Rautela’s latest look from Cannes 2023 has become a topic of discussion on social media. Urvashi carried the ink blue lip shade on the third day of Cannes, seeing which people remembered her.


Discussions of Urvashi Rautela’s latest look are happening everywhere. She carried a beautiful shaded gown with blue ink lip shade. She accessorised it with a bun and gave herself a classy look. Seeing her look, people are remembering Aishwarya, when she arrived in Cannes wearing purple lip shade and she was trolled a lot. (twitter @AsliUrvashians)


Urvashi Rautela has shared a video of her from the third day of Cannes, in which she is seen in a white frock. A white rose with a big front is visible on the frock. (instagram/urvashi rautela)


On the second day of Cannes, when Urvashi Rautela arrived wearing a frill gown, she attracted everyone towards her. Surprisingly, the French paparazzi mistook her for Aishwarya Rai and started calling her by the name of Aishwarya. (instagram/urvashi rautela)


Urvashi’s first entry in Cannes was also very different. She arrived wearing a pink frill gown. With this, she carried alligator neckpiece, which became a topic of discussion.(instagram/urvashirautela)

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