Captured at the box office for 40 years, 2 films broke all records, 90% people would not know the real name

New Delhi. Sunny Deol is today known as the Angry Young Man of Bollywood. That iconic dialogue of Sunny Deol ‘When the hand of two and a half kilos falls, the man does not get up’, even today people remember it word of mouth. Often seen in action films, Sunny Deol had inherited acting from his father. Carrying forward his legacy, the son of Bollywood’s ‘Hee Man’ has included himself in the list of best action heroes of Bollywood.

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that Sunny Deol, who is often seen in action films, made his acting debut in the year 1983 with the romantic film ‘Betaab’. He has given many hit films in Bollywood during his 4 decade long career. You must be aware of Sunny Deol’s professional life, but do you know about the actor’s personal life.

Sunny Deol does not talk much about his personal life. That’s why fans will not be aware of his personal life, but today we are going to tell you some special things related to your favorite actor. Hearing this truth related to Sunny Deol, surely you too will be shocked. If someone told you that the real name of your favorite actor Sunny Deol is not Sunny, would you believe it?

Name changed before entry in films-
Yes, Sunny Deol’s real name is Ajay Singh Deol. After venturing into films, he changed his name to Sunny to create a different identity. Very few people would be aware of the real name of the actor. Sunny Deol is the son of ‘Hee Man’ Dharmendra and his first wife Prakash Kaur.

The younger brother followed in the footsteps of the elder brother.
Sunny Deol’s brother and actor Bobby Deol also entered the world of films by changing his name like him. Where both sons of Dharmendra earned a lot of name in films like their father. On the other hand, his daughters have always stayed away from the limelight.

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