Dalljiet Kaur opened the secret, told how is the relationship with her step daughter, why she said – now there is no plan for pregnancy

New Delhi. TV’s famous actress Daljit Kaur has recently got married for the second time. These days she is in the happy phase of life after marriage. After her second marriage, she is living a happy life with her husband, son and both step children. After marriage, Daljeet left India and shifted to Kenya. But through social media, she remains connected with the fans. She also answers the questions of the fans by sharing pictures with her husband and children on social media. Recently he told how is his relationship with his step daughter. Along with this, she also made it clear that now she has no plans for pregnancy.

Diljit Kaur, who has worked in serials like ‘Chhoti Sardarni’, ‘Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ and ‘Kulvadhu’, is in headlines these days for her marriage. On March 18, 2023, Daljit Kaur married Nikhil Patel, an NRI businessman living in Kenya, with pomp. This is the second marriage of both. Where Diljit already has a son, Nikhil is also the father of two children. The actress recently told how is her relationship with her step-daughter.

Ariana Song What is the relationship?
Dalljiet Kaur’s life has completely changed after marriage. His family is complete with three children. When she shares the pictures, people often question her on her bond with her step-daughter. Recently, when someone asked this question again, the actress openly talked about her relationship with her step-daughter on social media. How is Daljeet’s relationship with her husband’s daughter Ariana Song? He spoke openly about this.

Bond with daughter is very special
The actress said that her bond with daughter Ariana is very good. He is a teenager and every teenager has a fun bond with him. I have the same relationship with Ariana. We both can talk about anything. Can gossip, can go to the copy. This is a very nice touchwood. He also showed a glimpse of the daughter and told that she calls him D mum.

Why no plan for pregnancy?
Even after the son settled in the new country, he said, coming to Kenya is a good change for Jaden. Nikhil is also very excited about this journey of his son. During this, she talked about her pregnancy. He clearly said, we have three children and hence there is no planning for pregnancy now.

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