Disha Salian Birth Anniversary: ​​What happened after all with Disha Salian, how did she die 14 days after her birthday?

Disha Salian Unknown Facts: She was not a celebrity to say, but after her death, there was such a stir across the country that it engulfed the political giants as well. Actually, we are talking about Disha Salian, who was the former manager of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Today is Disha’s birth anniversary. In such a situation, we are introducing you to those last moments of Disha, after which she said goodbye to this world. Let’s know what happened with Disha Salian? How did he die 14 days after celebrating his birthday on 26th May?

Disha was born in Mumbai

Born in Mumbai on May 26, 1992, Disha Salian was known only to people associated with film corridors before her death, but after her death, there was so much speculation about her that Disha started being discussed in every household of the country. These discussions gained momentum when Sushant Singh Rajput passed away. Although Disha got recognition as Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager, but she also worked with famous artists like Bharti Singh and Varun Sharma.

suicide because of

Let us tell you that Disha’s early studies took place in Mumbai. He did his schooling at The Dadar Parsi Youths Assembly High School in Mumbai. After this he graduated from RD National College and WA Science College. Significantly, on June 8, 2020, Disha committed suicide by jumping from her flat. It was claimed in media reports that Disha was struggling with financial crisis, due to which she had taken this dreadful step.

Who is there in Disha’s family?

Talking about Disha’s personal life, there is not much information about her parents. His brother’s name is Vijay Salian, who is a software engineer. Apart from this, her long time boyfriend Rohan Rai was in Disha’s life. Both had also got engaged. It is said that Disha and Rohan were about to get married soon, but Disha took a painful step and ended her dreams forever.

This video went viral

Please tell that before the death, a video of Disha Salian went viral on social media. This video was told an hour before the incident. In this, Disha was seen partying with her fiance and friends. She was humming some song and was also dancing on it. Actually, this party was kept in view of Disha’s birthday celebration, in which she was not seen under any kind of stress. According to media reports, after this video, Disha called her friend Ankita, who lives in London, after which she became very emotional.

This is how the boyfriend told the incident

According to Rohan, the last call to Disha that day was made by her school friend. After that Disha went to the master bedroom. After a few minutes I knocked on the door and he did not answer. However, the room was not closed. When I opened the door, alcohol was spread all over the bed. I thought Disha would come back in some time. When she did not return, we searched the bedroom-bathroom. After this, when I saw the window open, on looking down, Disha’s pajama was seen lying on the ground. The apprehension of untoward incident had terrified all of us.

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