‘Don’t keep the son in jail, he will break’, Shah Rukh Khan folded hands for Aryan in front of Sameer Wankhede

Sameer Wankhede Shah Rukh Khan Chat: In the drug case of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, Sameer Wankhede, who was the zonal director of NCB, has been accused of demanding bribe. There has been a new revelation in this matter. The chat of Sameer Wankhede and Shahrukh Khan has come to the fore in which Shahrukh is seen seeking relief from Sameer for his son. Sameer Wankhede has linked this chat with the petition filed in the Mumbai High Court. This chat of Sameer and Shahrukh is from the time of Diwali when Aryan Khan was in jail. In the chat, Shahrukh is telling Sameer not to keep him in jail, otherwise he will break down.

ABP News got hold of this chat between Sameer Wankhede and Shahrukh. In which Shahrukh is saying- “I fold my hands in front of you please don’t keep him in jail. These holidays will come and he will break. He will break because of some selfish people. You promised me that you will reform my child, Don’t send him to a place where he comes out completely shattered and broken and it’s not his fault.”

Shahrukh begged in front of Sameer Wankhede
In the chat that surfaced, Shahrukh further wrote in the message – Being a good person, why are you doing this with Aryan because of some selfish people. I promise you that I will go to those people and beg them not to say anything in front of you. I will try to use all my power to ensure that he takes back what he has said. I promise that I will do all this and will not back down to stop them. But please send my son back home. You also know from your heart that this is going wrong with him. Please please, being a father I beg you.

Sameer gave this answer
During this, Sameer Wankhede also replied to Shahrukh Khan’s message, in the chat that surfaced, Sameer writes- “Shahrukh, I know you are a good person. Wish you well. Take care of yourself.” Wankhede is now trying to prove himself innocent in the court with the help of this chat.

Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested by Sameer Wankhede on October 3, 2021 in a drugs case from a cruise going to Goa. After this arrest, Wankhede was accused of extortion. Whose vigilance investigation was done. Now after investigation, he is accused of planning extortion of Rs 25 crore to save Aryan in this case. Which was later finalized for 18 crores.

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