Film Jantar: The story of the village will be released on the film screen on May 21, know why the film ‘Jantar’ is in discussion

Film Jantar: The film ‘Jantar’ based on the story of the village is ready to be released on the big screen on 21 May. These days the posters of this film are being shared a lot on social media. We talked about this with the cast of the film Jantar. The special thing is that this is the first Hindi feature film to be made in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. The film will be released at Royal Cinema Multiplex in Rewa along with 5 OTT platforms.

Aslam Raza, the director and producer of the film Jantar, told that the film Jantar has been produced to bring local level problems among the people. This film is a horror adventure film, its story is based on a cursed village. The story of the film is between the years 2003-2007. Poet Siddharth Srivastava, Aftab Raza, Aftab Alam, Muskan Singh, Muskan Tiwari and Rahul Singh have worked in this film.

what will happen to the cursed village
The film presents such art of Jantar, Rewa for which people turn to big metros like Mumbai, Delhi. The story of this film is based on a cursed village. Why is that village cursed, will that curse be broken, how will the illusion of the people of the village be removed. To know this you will have to watch the film.

from your city (Bhopal)

Madhya Pradesh

Where is the shooting of the film
Jantar film has been shot in Bankuiya Dadar near Rewa. About 95% of the film has been shot in this village. Remaining 5 percent has been done at different locations of Rewa. The special thing is that this film made in Hindi will also be shown with subtitles in English, Tamil, Telugu, and Chinese languages.

Will be able to watch the film in these OTT platforms
Jantar film will be released on 21st May at Royal Cinema Rewa. Along with this, it will also be released in different 5 OTT platforms. This includes Amazon Prime, MX Player, Hungama Play and Airtel TV.

Rewa is becoming a hub for films
Rewa district is now becoming a hub for films. Many films are being shot here one after the other. Earlier, a large part of Bagheli’s film Budhiya was shot in Rewa. This film was made by comedian Avinash Tiwari of Bagheli. In such a situation, once again the residents of Rewa have high hopes from the film Jantar.

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