Forced to leave ‘Roadies’, forced to become ‘Badhua Mazdoor’, fans were shocked by Raghu Ram’s past life

New Delhi. Raghu Ram became a celebrity with the TV world’s superhit reality show ‘Roadies’. His popularity had increased so much from this show that people used to come only to abuse him. It was started in 2003 by Raghu Ram along with his twin brothers Rajeev Laxman and RJ Amit. The show was based on the physical and mental strength of the contestants, which was well received by the people. Raghu Ram worked in this show for 6 seasons and suddenly left the show in 2009.

Everyone was quite surprised by Raghu’s decision and were eager to know why he left the show. Whereas in those days he was at the peak of his popularity. Despite this, people were very upset to leave the show suddenly. On the other hand, Raghu never said anything about leaving the show in any interview. There were only different speculations. Surprisingly, when the case of Raghu leaving the show had cooled down, his autobiography titled ‘Rearview: My Roadies Journey’ came out in 2013. In this, the real reason for leaving Raghu Ram’s ‘Roadies’ was told. According to the autobiography, Raghu did not leave the show on his own free will, rather he was forced to leave the show.

Story told in autobiography
If you believe in ‘Rearview: My Roadies Journey’, then the executive of MTV channel was mentioned, whose name was Ashish. According to the autobiography, Raghu had a lot of differences with Ashish. That’s why he did not give him permission to work with any other channel. Whether it affects ‘Roadies’ or not. Along with this, the person also asked Raghu to sign a contract, which Raghu described in his autobiography as a ‘bonded labourer’ contract.

there was a lawsuit
According to Raghu, when he left, he got a new contract in 2009, according to which he cannot work anywhere else, cannot leave MTV. Raghu was starting to feel that he was being sidelined. In such a situation, he left the roadies. He was also sued, but Raghu Ram faced all the problems.

Dating reality show will now be seen
Now let us tell you that after saying goodbye to Roadies, Raghu married Natalie de Lucio and settled down. Along with this, he will soon be seen on the Netflix dating reality show, where he will be accompanied by Gauhar Khan and brother Rajeev Laxman.

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