From Deepika Padukone to Shah Rukh Khan, how these 15 actors will look in old age, you will be shocked to know this technology

Bollywood Celebs AI Old Age Look: These days futuristic pictures of many players and big businessmen are going viral on social media. After this similar pictures of Bollywood celebs have also surfaced. Here’s a glimpse of what our favorite celebs will look like in the future.


The aged look of Bollywood celebs has been created by Instagram user sahixd. He has taken the help of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence technology to make it. Here we are giving you a glimpse of 15 celebs from Deepika Padukone to Shah Rukh Khan in their old age look and also telling you the technique used by them to create such a look. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


An artist named Sahid has shared the old age look of Bollywood actresses and actors. You will be blown away by seeing these looks. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Artist Sahid says that he has used this AI technique through the ‘Midjourney’ app and its result is unimaginable. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


AI technology is the imagination of enhancing knowledge and beauty along with increasing age over time. This look of future Bollywood actors-actresses is a mixture of them. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Seeing these looks of their favorite celebs, fans are praising artist Shahid. Fans say that it is absolutely unbelievable. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Anushka Sharma will look something like this in her old age. This look of her has been taken from the film ‘Sui-Dhaaga’. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Priyanka Chopra is looking very stylish and glamorous even after being old age. His futuristic look is inspired by ‘Citadel’. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Can you hardly recognize this picture? This is Shraddha Kapoor. In future it will look something like this. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


In this look Shahrukh Khan is also looking like a king and some historical character from Hollywood movies. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


This future Salman Khan looks quite attractive but grumpy. Her look is inspired from the film ‘Bharat’. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Shahid Kapoor is unrecognizable in this look. However, some fans say that Shahid is looking less and Emraan Hashmi more. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


This is Kriti Sanon. It’s hard to tell by looking at this picture. But in future she is looking extremely beautiful. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Hrithik Roshan’s looks are getting somewhat Mahesh Manjrekar in future. Hrithik is really looking like a Greek God in this look. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)


Anyone can tell by looking at the photo that it is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. An elegance is visible on Aishwarya’s face even in the future. She will always be beautiful. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sahixd)

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