Goosebumps watching ‘kantara’, box office was shaken, watched again and again, 90% people don’t know the meaning of the movie

New Delhi: The film ‘Kantara’ shook the consciousness of the general audience. It told that there is an invisible force beyond logic, which we sometimes feel personally, sometimes through our religion, tradition and culture. There were many goosebumps scenes in the film. People enjoyed it a lot on theater and OTT. Watched the film again and again, but most of the viewers do not know the meaning of ‘Kantara’.

About 90 percent people do not know the meaning of ‘Kantara’. The meaning of ‘Kantara’ is- ‘mysterious forest.’ In another sense, we can call it ‘Mayavi Jungle’, where human being merges with nature and becomes a part of divine power. It is shown in the film how the villagers struggle to save their land and forest. People living close to the forest express their rights over it. The hero of the film, Shiva, goes to the forest to hunt animals, gets involved with the forest officer, but many times he feels the presence of Varaha Dev (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) in the mysterious forest, which makes him very nervous.

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‘Kantara’ tells the story of ‘Daiva Panjurli’
In the climax of the film, divine power enters Shiva to save the villagers from the greedy and tyrannical landlord and the tyrant is destroyed. There is a glimpse of the film ‘Daiva Panjurali’, who is considered by Kannada people to be the protector of land and forest. Kannada people worship ‘Daiva Panjurali’ and celebrate ‘Bhoot Kola’ festival with great pomp. In this festival, the dancer dresses up as the god Panjurali and dances according to religious rituals. Daiva Panjurli is a form of Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Rishabh Shetty has played the lead role in ‘Kantara’
The Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is written and directed by Rishabh Shetty. Rishabh Shetty has also played the lead role in the film. According to media reports, the Hindi version of Kantara has earned around Rs 80 crore. The total earning of the film is around Rs 450 crore. The film was released on September 30 last year. The prequel of the film ‘Kantara’ is also being discussed for some time.

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