How did Rajpal Yadav benefit because of his short height? Bollywood Kisses

Updated : 17 Mar 2023 05:00 PM (IST)

Yesterday was the birthday of Rajpal Yadav, who made people laugh with his brilliant comedy in Bollywood films. Rajpal Yadav was born on 16 March 1971 in a small village in Shahjahanpur, UP. Rajpal Yadav’s childhood was spent in financial crisis. The condition was so bad that the family did not even have a solid roof. Ne’s family was very poor. Rajpal Yadav wanted to become a villain in films, but his brilliant comic timing made him a comedy hero. To know how his small height has given him advantage, listen to Bollywood Kisse with Amit Bhatia only on abp Live Podcasts

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