‘I was not beautiful and…’, when the first wife’s pain spilled over Dharmendra’s marriage to Hema Malini, Prakash Kaur was sitting

New Delhi. Who does not know about the love life of Hindi cinema’s veteran actress Hema Malini and Bollywood superstar Dharmendra. Dharmendra’s heart beat again for Hema when he was already married as well as father to 4 children. It is said that when love happens, a blindfold gets tied and then nothing else is visible. The same happened with Dharmendra. But this love of Dharmendra was no less than a big injury for his first wife Prakash Kaur and their four children.

There was an earthquake in the life of Dharmendra’s wife Prakash Kaur when he proposed a divorce in front of his wife while talking about marrying Hema Malini. Why Prakash Kaur decided not to divorce him and spent the whole life like this. Will tell you today why Dharmendra’s first wife did not break the relationship with Dharmendra and spent her whole life like this.

Dharmendra-Hema Malini’s relationship and Prakash Kaur
When Prakash Kaur, the first wife of Bollywood’s He-Man, came to know about Dharmendra-Hema Malini’s relationship, she had a feeling that there could be an earthquake in her life. But he respected the decision of their relationship and marriage and took the decision himself, which was very harsh for him and his children.

Why did Prakash Kaur take a big decision?
When Dharmendra wanted to give a new name to the relationship with Hema Malini and was about to get married and settle down with her. Then Dharmendra’s first wife had decided that whatever happens, she will not end their relationship, that is, she will not divorce Dharmendra. She did not separate from Dharmendra even after his second marriage and did not allow distance to come between her sons and husband.

Why didn’t Prakash Kaur give divorce to Dharmendra?
Most of the people still think that Prakash Kaur did not divorce Dharmendra for the sake of such big stardom and raising children. However, this is not entirely true. He himself disclosed this. She had said in an interview, ‘I am neither very educated nor beautiful, but in the eyes of my children I am the best mother in the world. Just like that, for me my kids are the best in the world. I have full faith in my children that none of my children can harm anyone in the slightest. Prakash kills Dharmendra. She loves the actor very much. For this reason, she did not agree to leave him.

‘My husband did nothing wrong’
Prakash Kaur had said, ‘Any man would choose Hema instead of me, what was wrong if my husband did this. How can someone call my husband a womanizer. Half of the industry is doing the same. All the heroes are having an affair and getting married for the second time.

Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur were married in 1954
Let us tell you that Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur got married in 1954. Both have four children, whose names are Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Ajita Deol and Vijeta Deol. And in the year 1980, Dharmendra married Hema Malini for the second time. After this marriage, he had two daughters, Isha and Ahana Deol.

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