‘I went into depression’, Karishma Tanna’s pain spilled over, said- ‘I didn’t get any work for a year after Sanju’

Karishma Tanna on Depression: Karishma Tanna played the role of Pinky in Ranbir Kapoor’s film Sanju. Although, he got only a few scenes in the film, but his acting was highly praised. Karishma Tanna revealed years later that after the success of Sanju film, she did not get any work for a year. She had gone into depression. After working in ‘Sanju’, Tamannaah felt that she would get more work now, but it did not happen.

Got work only for one year after ‘Sanju’

During the interview with Siddharth Kannan, ‘Despite having a small role in Sanju, I felt that this film would help me move forward in life. But after Sanju, I didn’t get what I expected. I would like to say that after Sanju, I was not doing any work for a year. I was thinking that the critics have written so well about my work, even though I had only four scenes in the film. I had a lot of hope from the industry that I would get more work now, but it did not happen.

Karishma Tanna went into depression

Karishma Tanna told that she went into depression due to not getting work. She said, ‘I was messaging people that have you seen Sanju? did you like my acting? Mother was with me at that time. I didn’t want to tell them because then they would get tensed. My mother is very sensitive and my friends will not understand because no one is from my industry. Karishma told, ‘Negative thoughts started coming in my mind. After this I motivated myself. Only I know how I pulled myself out of that phase.

Karishma Tanna will be seen in this series

Talking about the work front, Karishma Tanna will soon be seen in famous filmmaker Hansal Mehta’s series Scoop. In this, she will be seen in the role of a crime reporter whose glimpses have been found in the trailer of the series. Karishma’s series Scoop will stream on Netflix on June 2, 2023.

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