Jackie Shroff hid deep pain for 56 years! Why did you say – I do not want to scratch that pain

New Delhi. Jackie Shroff, who is included in the list of Bollywood veteran actors, has done about 250 films in his career. From Bollywood to regional languages, he has spread his acting skills. More luck in modeling brought him to Bollywood. Jackie is adored by fans because of his exuberance, but do you know that for 56 years, he has been suppressing a deep pain inside him. Such a pain which is difficult to forget and when one remembers it, even today that painful incident comes in front of one’s eyes.

Jackie Shroff rarely talks about his personal life. Two years ago, while talking about his 56-year-old grief, he revealed that he is still living with the trauma and does not want to scratch that pain.

Big brother was lost in front of my eyes
Talking with Twinkle Khanna in ‘Tweak India’, he talked about his personal and professional life. He told that he saw his elder brother dying in front of his eyes. The actor was only 10 years old at that time and his brother was 17 years old. He was watching her dying from the front, but could not do anything to save her.

If you had listened to your father…
Remembering his father, he said that I remember very well that my brother’s father said today is a bad day, don’t go out. But the brother did not listen and the father’s words proved to be true. The actor further told that he used to work in Century Mills. Father had told not to go to the mill today but he did not listen. There is sea outside Century Mills, there a person was drowning. As soon as he saw it, he went down to save it in the sea. The brother did not know how to swim, but still he jumped into the sea to save the man and drowned.

‘Tried but could not save’
Jackie Shroff further told that the person survived, but my brother drowned. All this happened in front of our eyes. Seeing my brother drowning, I threw a cable wire towards him, but my effort went in vain and I could not save my brother. He said that I do not want to scratch that pain.

‘My brother my first hero’
Jackie further said that I know it is a sad thing, many people go through tragedy. But my brother was my first hero. He said, we have learned only one thing, we cannot burn our house to give warmth to someone else. He was 17 and I was 10. He did a great job. He gave his life for a friend, which is a big deal.

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