Jahnavi Mehta graduated, Juhi Chawla said – ‘My daughter is different from the rest of the star kids’, told in whom she is interested

Mumbai. Juhi Chawla recently told in a tweet that her daughter Jhanvi Mehta has completed her graduation from the world’s most famous Columbia University. As soon as Juhi shared this good news with the fans, people’s comments started pouring in to congratulate her. Not only this, Juhi’s co-actor and friend Shahrukh Khan also congratulated Juhi and her daughter Jhanvi. Juhi is very happy when her daughter graduates. She says that she is eagerly waiting for her daughter to come home.

Juhi Chawla said that when her daughter Jhanvi Mehta comes home, she will celebrate this happiness. While many star kids are entering Bollywood and competing to become a big star, Jhanvi is away from the limelight. Juhi says that her daughter Jhanvi deliberately stays away from the limelight. He has an excellent educational record.

Juhi Chawla’s daughter after taking degree. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Juhi Chawla’s daughter Jhanvi Mehta is interested in cricket

Juhi Chawla said that Jhanvi is very interested in cricket. He says that when Jhanvi talks about cricket, she explains the nuances of the player and the game very well. Sometimes they think that from where did Jahnavi get so much information about cricket? He is also surprised at these information of Jhanvi.

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