‘Kalin Bhaiya’ changed the village school, once Pankaj Tripathi used to study in this school, eyes will stop seeing the glimpse

Mumbai. There are many stars in the film world, who left the village and made their own identity in Mayanagari. Now these artists are so famous that characters are created for them. One such artist is Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj hails from a small village in Bihar, leaving here he has made a mark in Bollywood today. But even today Pankaj has not forgotten his roots and keeps going to the village. Along with this, they also keep working for the development of their village. In this episode, he has improved the condition of the school where he once studied.

Pankaj Tripathi was born on 28 September 1976. He is a resident of Gopalganj in Bihar. Pankaj got his primary education in this village school. When the principal talked to Pankaj for the development of this school, he immediately agreed for this good work.

Has a special connection with the school
According to Pankaj Tripathi, ‘Education plays an important role in the development of children. In such a situation, when the principal of the primary school talked to me and told that money is needed to build the boundary wall and gate of the school because there is a road outside and children go to that side while playing, there is a danger of accident. In such a situation, I felt that it is my duty to help. Also, I myself had studied in that school, so I was also connected to it. Pankaj prepared a project with the help of his brother and got the school renovated by arranging money.

Pankaj’s School

Pankaj says that when he visited the village school, it was in a very bad condition. The plaster was falling off, the paint was off, the fans were not working properly, there was no proper arrangement of lights. In such a situation, Pankaj felt that it is necessary to work in this direction for the development of the school and the children. At present, the entire village is very happy with this step of Kaleen Bhaiya of ‘Mirzapur’ i.e. Pankaj.

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