Kapil Sharma did something like this, Shah Rukh Khan called him in the car and asked – Do you take drugs?

Kapil Sharma Depression: Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma has recently talked about his alcohol addiction and depression. He told that at one time he was facing a lot in his career and his depression was worsened by his alcohol addiction.

He said that there was a time when he did not want to leave his house and go to work. This was the time when Kapil had created a negative image in the industry. Due to this behavior of his, the shooting was often delayed. Kapil admitted that his mental health caused problems at work, but said that no one felt bad about it.

He recalled how Shah Rukh Khan reacted to canceling a shoot with him at the last moment. He said in Hindi, “When you are drunk, you are confident, but when you are sober, reality comes in front of you. My mistake is that I used to drink to make myself feel better. ” Kapil recalled when he had canceled a program for which he had paid lakhs of rupees because he was not in a position to do it. He was asked if film personalities got angry when he did this to them.

Shahrukh asked do you take drugs?

Kapil said, ‘Nobody got angry. The format of my show is such that it can’t be late even if you try. We have to shoot multiple portions throughout the day… But yes, there were times when I backed out at the last moment because I didn’t think I would be able to do it… When shooting for Shah Rukh Khan got cancelled, so they met me after three or four days. He had come to the same studio for some work. Maybe, as an artist, he understood what was happening. After all he is a superstar and has seen everything in this industry. He called me in his car, we sat and talked for an hour. He asked me, ‘Does he take drugs?’. I told him that I do not take drugs, but now I do not feel like working. He told me some very good things, gave me advice. But it’s one of those situations that you can’t fix unless you want to.”

Kapil said he came out of depression after about two years, when his wife forced him to accompany her to Europe, where he was reminded what it was like to be a normal person. Kapil later returned to the small screen, and his film is about to release soon.

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