Kapil Sharma was broken when he saw his father in the hospital, had sought death from God, still regrets one thing

New Delhi- Kapil Sharma is not dependent on any identity today. Kapil Sharma, who has made a place in everyone’s heart with his amazing sense of humor and his ability, is often seen laughing and laughing. But there was a phase in the life of TV’s comedy king when he himself forgot to laugh. Very few people know about this aspect related to Kapil Sharma’s life. Recently, this star comedian mentioned the worst and emotional phase of his life in an interview.

Actually, Kapil Sharma’s father was fighting a battle with cancer for a long time and finally he lost this battle. Kapil Sharma revealed this in an interview given to Aaj Tak. The comedian told that his father was undergoing treatment for cancer at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. When cancer came out in his reports, Kapil Sharma wept bitterly. But he had decided to hide this thing from his father.

Father took cancer too lightly
At that time Comedy King was only 19-20 years old. When Kapil When Kapil’s father asked about cancer in the reports from the front, Kapil was surprised. During the interview, this comedian and actor told that his father had taken even a serious disease like cancer in a very light-hearted manner. Kapil further told that even today when he leaves Safdarjung Hospital, old memories related to that place start haunting him.

The mountain of sorrows was broken at the age of 20-
Kapil Sharma K’s father had come to Safdarjung Hospital several times for checkup and then the day came when a mountain of sorrows broke down on the actor. Kapil told that his father was admitted in ICU for the last 5-6 days and then he never returned from there. Recalling the last days of his father, an emotional Kapil Sharma told that the last few days were so painful that he himself started asking God for his father’s death.

The father could not see the success of the son.
Kapil Sharma may be a successful actor and comedian today but he regrets that his father could not see his success. Kapil says that if his father was alive today, he would have been overjoyed to see his son succeed.

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