Karan Johar Birthday: This actress was Karan Johar’s first love, know why it could not be completed?

Karan Johar Unknown Facts: Saying ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’ is his style, then ‘Never say goodbye’ is his habit… He taught the world to ‘love’ and told that if you want to tell your condition, then never delay, Because who knows ‘kal ho na ho…’ Actually, we are talking about Karan Johar, who explained the meaning of ‘Ishq Wala Love’ to the whole world, but could not fulfill his own love. The issue is that today is Karan Johar’s birthday, so we are going to introduce you to the secret of his life, which every fan of his seems to be searching for… Actually, we are going to talk about that lady of Karan’s life. Of love, which broke the heart of Karan, who wrote Ishq ki Ibarat on the film screen forever.

Karan taught the world to love

Born on 25 May 1972 in Mumbai to Hiroo Johar and Yash Johar, Karan Johar is not dependent on any identity today. Karan Johar, who showered immense love in his films, is considered lonely in real life. However, this was not always the case. Karan also used to love an actress with all his heart, but she could not be fulfilled. This was mentioned by Karan himself in an interview. Today in the birthday special, we are introducing you to Karan Johar’s first love.

Karan had fallen in love with this actress

Please tell that Karan Johar’s first love was none other than Twinkle Khanna. Actually, Twinkle and Karan used to study together in the boarding school of Panchgani. The friendship of both was quite famous. Both belong to the film family, so their bonding was also very good. Karan was in love with Twinkle since school. This was revealed by Karan during the launch of Twinkle Khanna’s book Mrs Funnybones.

Twinkle put seal on Karan’s expression-e-love

Karan had said that he fell in love with only one woman in his life. That woman was Twinkle Khanna. Twinkle had also approved this expression of Karan’s love. He had said, ‘Karan used to love me. At that time I had a small moustache. He always used to say while looking at them that I like your moustache.

When Twinkle broke Karan’s heart

Please tell that Karan Johar’s love was one-sided. Twinkle had no feeling for him. Although, Karan had written the character of ‘Tina’ in his debut film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ for Twinkle only, but the actress flatly refused to do this role. Karan had told that Twinkle had refused for my debut film, which hurt me a lot. Twinkle married actor Akshay Kumar on 17 January 2001. Simply, Karan Johar’s heart was completely broken.

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